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With Heart Internet you can now spruce up your auto-responders using HTML graphical emails. Setting up your HTML autoresponders is quick and easy:

– Log in to your email/ webmail account

– Click on ‘Autoresponders’

– Set the ‘content type’ as ‘HTML’

All that is left to do is enter your HTML in to the ‘message’ field!

Why use HTML instead of plain text?

Professional image:

Put yourself in the place of your customers/ leads and how you perceive a company or service that sent an attractive email compared to one that sent a plain text email.

Consistent branding:

The best and strongest brands carry their messaging through every communication tool, ensuring all copy, colours, and logos are the same wherever you look. There is nothing stopping you doing exactly the same.

Add more content and links:

With HTML emails you can turn your autoresponders in to much more than just a “We will get back you” notice.  With menus, images, side bars, boxes etc you can continue selling your services without intruding on the central message.

Designing and coding HTML emails

If you have no or little experience with creating and sending HTML emails, or you want a few tips on taking them to the next level, you can find a couple of really good articles that will help you with HTML email coding & HTML email lay out & design at



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