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As an industry we often fall in to the trap of using unnecessarily technical terms to describe our products. We take terms such as bandwidth, POP3, FTP and MySQL for granted but they can be intimidating to new comers.

Following on from our re-launched website we have just uploaded a series of web hosting guides to help beginners who want to create their first web site as well as a web hosting dictionary to introduce people to common web hosting terminology. To have a read go to our web hosting guide page.

We have also started to bring together a collection of mini guides to help with more specific elements of creating and marketing your website. A sample includes (each link opens a PDF document in a new window):

Create rounded corners with one image

Create a background drop shadow effect

Setting up a Google AdWords account

• Using negative keywords

Getting your customers to buy more & stay longer

If you have any specific questions or ideas for future guides leave a comment below or email us at marketing[at] We want to keep developing this page with lots more information so any ideas are more than welcome!

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  • John Bagnall



    One of my reasons for coming to Heart is to develop a website(s) devoted to helping people communicate more effectively.These guides are going to be a big help, as I know currently know little about website design and implementation.It’s also great that Heart recognises the need to avoid jargon and buzzwords.

    However, it’s also important that it gets the basics right.

    One of the things my site is intended to help people get right is the difference between plurals and possessives.The word you need in the headline of this blog is ‘beginners’ (the plural of beginner, meaning more than one beginner). ‘Beginner’s’ with an apostrophe, as it’s been used here, is the possessive form of ‘beginner’ and refers to something that belongs to a beginner (eg, ‘beginner’s luck’,’beginner’s guide’, ‘beginner’s handbook’, etc).

    I can’t urge Heart enough to get things like this right.It’s not about splitting hairs or being picky. It’s about communicating effectively by showing the world that the company has a professional outlook.If the world sees that Heart can’t get the rules of standard English right, it sends a very negative message out to its customers … worldwide.

    Best regards,

    John Bagnall

  • Matthew



    I totally agree with your points about the grammar and the title has now been amended.


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