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By Vicki Konecki

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Domain Names

Domain sale now on – .uk domains now £1 for the first year

We’ve just launched a big domain name sale at Heart Internet.   You can now buy a,, or .uk domain name for just £1 for the first year.   So, in this blog we look at the benefits of buying into the family of .uk domain names.  7 reasons to choose a .uk family domain name  1. Show your locality  [read more…]

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By Kate Bolin

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Domain Names, Heart Internet, Web Hosting

Watch out for the latest phishing attempts…

You’ve come to expect phishing emails that pretend to be your bank. Or offering you Amazon offers. Or telling you your Steam account has been suspended. But phishing emails aren’t just focused on getting your banking details. With many people using the same passwords for multiple sites, getting just one password from one person can unlock dozens of sites. Phishers know this, and are trying new tactics, including sending emails about your domain name.

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By Lucy Knight

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Domain Names, Your Business

Protect your brand from shady sites

With the wide range of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) now available, it only stands to reason that some would be dominated by particularly shady customers. Creating scam sites, launching malware, spamming, and more, these sites can wreak havoc with customers’ computers, and if it’s your brand name attached to one of these sites, then it’ll wreak havoc with your business as well.

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