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We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new competition for designers to create our next magazine advert and see their entry in print, pluswin £2,000 worth of prizes. Open to all designers (Heart Internet customer or not), the winning entry will receive…

• 27” iMac

• 32GB iPod touch

• Free reseller hosting for a year

• Free domain name

On top of this the winner will also see their design used in the magazines we advertise in!

Because our reseller hosting product is the perfect choice for designers who want to host client’s websites we have a very creative customer base. This competition provides us with an opportunity to tap in to that. It is also a great opportunity for any designer to see their work published in a magazine and showcased at a national level.

Enter the competition

The competition is open to any designer, Heart Internet customer or not, and closes 15th August. For more information and to enter visit

When we ran this competition last year the quality of the entries blew us away and the winning design was so good we used it for three months in the magazines instead of just the intended one month.

Last year’s winner:

David Baker

David’s advert uses strong imagery that will stand out in a PC magazine. Combined with very clear sales messages, it also uses our brand colours without it feeling forced (never easy when you are using green!). Also, we felt the weighting of the various elements (image, title, features, price etc) were spot on. The advert also addressed the issue of web hosts adverts looking very similar without losing focus on the purpose of a magazine advert; sell a product.

“I wanted to use very strong imagery to reflect these core brand values, strength, stability and a brand you can trust, not only with your site, but your customers too.”

Fancy your chances? Find out more and enter here


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  • Cristobal


    The contest is just for UK residents??

    I’m from Chile and I’d like to know if I’m able to participate.

    Thank you!

  • 22/06/2010

    Its open to anyone who wants to enter.

    Good luck!


  • Cristobal


    Ok, thanks!

    Is there a limit for number of entries?


  • 28/06/2010

    No, you can send as many as you like

  • John


    Hi Matthew,

    Is there a preferred font for the main text and if so, what is it?



  • 02/08/2010

    Hi John,

    There’s no preferred font for the main text so use whatever you want!

  • John


    Thanks Jennifer.

    One final question: By what time on Sunday do the entries have to reach you by?

    Best wishes,


    PS Cute photo! 🙂

  • 10/08/2010


    Its officially midnight, although if any come in before we start work Monday morning I’m sure they’ll be fine 🙂


  • John


    Thanks Matt


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