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With the launch of our new cloud hosting platform last week, we thought we’d bring this new and exciting technology together with one of our other loves, infographics.

If you’ve ever thought of creating your own infographic, check out our series on how to create one – it’s easier and cheaper than you may have thought.

The term cloud has been adopted by many areas of the technology sector, with definitions varying depending on the nature of their business. Here are some of the best cloud themed infographics around right now:

The Rise of Cloud Computing

This infographic shows data about opinions towards cloud computing in the US, Europe and Asia, presented nicely with a consistent colour scheme and draws out some of the common push and pull factors for cloud. Most of the chief concerns highlighted here can actually be debunked with a little research.

Cloud Impact and Adoption

This cloud infographic features predictions of both impact and adoption of cloud computing from 2012 – 2015. Apart from its neat design, the data is interesting as we can see the current opinions and start to form an idea of where the experts see it moving.

Ahead in the Cloud

Another opinion poll sourced infographic that offers good insight into cloud adoption, this time with a focus on the impact after businesses adopted cloud technology.

A Buyers Guide to Cloud Apps

This infographic from security scanning tool Veracode has a focus on business apps, including the different types of cloud applications that are available and some advice on overcoming some of the main concerns with cloud. Presented on a vibrant, pulp design, this one stands out immediately.

From Cloud to Thunderstorm

This cool infographic shows how the mass influx of cloud across different sectors is affecting cultural and working environments, including five new job titles that we could be seeing in the near future.

Have you seen any brilliant cloud infographics? Let us know in the comments below.


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