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Most people buy a VPS because they want to run a power-hungry website, such as a large e-commerce store, a blog network, or their own hosting company. But there’s so much more you can do with a VPS – here are just five possibilities.

Game Server

Do you play Minecraft? How about Counter-Strike? Or maybe you want to relive the early days of the Internet and set up a MUD? A VPS can be a good low-cost way to host your own games, with your mods, your rules, and your friends all joining in.

Set up a family-friendly Minecraft server for your kids, adapt levels for your friends to explore, install TeamSpeak for real-time chat, or start designing your own games. Our VPS servers can support most games, but your mileage may vary depending on the performance levels you require.

Game controller

External backup server

Backing up your files should be a vital part of your digital life. How many times have you lost a file, a folder, or a whole hard drive?

You can keep a pile of external hard drives, USB sticks, or DVDs around, or you can set up your VPS as your cloud-based external backup system. And it can be more than just a backup system – build your own file server and access those important files from anywhere.

Or use your VPS as a backup server for your website. Keep regular backups and restore your website from a point in time quickly and easily.

Steel file cabinet

Learning platform

Do you want to learn how to run a web server? Looking to experiment with a programming language? Want to work on a mobile app or open-source project? A VPS lets you set up your own personal playground, giving you the space you need to try new things without worrying about damaging any live systems you may be running.

With a VPS, you can also collaborate on projects with people across the world. Set up your own Git server, and privately share code to work together on the next big thing.

Screen that says Code on it

VPN for wireless connections

Do you regularly use public Wifi? Whether travelling or visiting your local coffee shop, you can use a VPS as a VPN (virtual private network) for safe and secure browsing while on a public Wifi network. Check your bank statements, your email, or work on projects knowing that your important details are secure no matter how open the network is.

Install OpenVPN or another VPN server onto your VPS, and with a bit of tinkering, you can have a quick way to make sure that, no matter where you are, your data’s secure.

Man sitting in a cafe with a laptop

Internet of Things

Set up sensors around your house and have your VPS be your single hub for your Internet of Things. Log temperatures, turn on and off lights, and keep track of everything from the temperature and weight of a beehive to where the cat is. Find a project that works best for you, and rather than keeping it on your local network, push the data to your VPS, giving you an easy way to track your information from anywhere.

Alarm monitor

So those are five things you can do with a VPS – what do you use your VPS for?


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