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Unfortunately, the summer is over and it’s time to go back to school. Whether walking Year 1s to their classrooms, or waving goodbye to a university student, it’s a time when people are reflecting on their own school days and recording the events to make even more memories.

If you’re starting something new this school year, creating a blog is a great way to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and events that occur over the year. And a good theme is a great way to get noticed.

We’ve picked ten free WordPress themes that you can use for your site, all responsive, all built for blogging, and all ready to go.


Screenshot of the Vito WordPress theme


With elegant use of white space, plenty of room for images, and a responsive design that makes it easy to read on both your mobile and your desktop, Vito is ideal for any student who wants to write down what’s happening in the world around them.


Screenshot of the LineDay WordPress theme

Looking to start a newsletter or ‘zine focusing on the latest school events? LineDay isn’t just attractive, it makes it easy to build in articles, categories, and events, and it uses Bootstrap and Underscores for convenient responsiveness.

A11 Y’all

Screenshot of the A11 Y'all WordPress theme


Simple, responsive, elegant, and built from the ground up for accessibility, A11 Y’all cuts out the clutter and gives you a perfect site for writing down your thoughts.


Screenshot of the Stock WordPress theme


Minimalist, precise, and monochromatic, Stock is the kind of site you would see being worked on in a late night coffee house, with soft jazz playing in the background while the author quickly types up their latest thoughts on the nature of the universe.


Screenshot of the Intergalactic WordPress theme


Want to show off your amazing images? Looking to get people interested in your topic instantly? Intergalactic not only shows off your pictures, it gives you a distraction-free environment for reading anywhere, making the experience about your work rather than all the asides you need to include.


Screenshot of the Author WordPress theme


Built for reading, Author has all its scripts and stylesheets minified, concatenated, and conditionally loaded to cut down on the time it takes for content to load. And along with its fluidity and elegance, Author gives you an easy read that will make it perfect for everything from photo galleries to long-form articles.

Amalie Lite

Screenshot of the Amalie Lite WordPress theme


Feature-filled and built on an attractive and responsive grid, Amalie Lite is a bright and beautiful theme that would be perfect for a gap year student travelling the world or an art student showing off the latest designs.


Screenshot of the Readit WordPress theme


Focusing on readability, Readit is another beautiful and responsive theme that is ideal for travel, diaries, long-form articles, and more. With good SEO practices, unlimited colour choices, and Google fonts as standard, Readit has your site looking beautiful in seconds.

Keep Writing

Screenshot of the Keep Writing WordPress theme


Sometimes you want a theme that strips out all the plugins, all the scripts, all the excessive details, and just gives you a blank slate to share your writing. Keep Writing does that – focusing on just the text, making it easy to read across all platforms.


Screenshot of the MyResume WordPress theme


And maybe you’re about to start that job hunt. MyResume is a responsive, attractive, and bright theme perfect for laying out your career and details, showing potential employers everything you’ve got.

Now it’s your turn. What themes do you like to see?


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