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Now that Heart Internet is offering a free UK domain name with the purchase of any other UK domain, we’re sure you’re wondering – what exactly do you do with that free domain name?

You could ignore it, letting it run down the clock without ever being used, or you could use it for some easy campaigns that can take your business further.

Here are just a few of the possibilities you can do with your free domain name:

Get the domain name you always wanted, just with a slightly different extension

Finding your perfect name within .com or can be really difficult. There are only so many domain names out there, and it’s very likely that your perfect domain name has already been taken.

But there are other extensions that might still have it. And if it turns out that .uk,, or have your perfect domain name, you can snag it and use it, whether as a redirect for your main domain name, or as the start of your high-powered rebranding.

Example: What’s more memorable – or

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Target a particular section of your site

If you have a large website, like an online store, it can sometimes be difficult to point your customers to exactly what they’re looking for. A good site search will help a lot of people, but what if you want to advertise a particular brand, item range, or type of product?

Point locale-based domain names to the appropriate branch in that area. Focus on a particular brand. Launch new product ranges. And, all the while, you don’t have to build the website – it’s already there!

Example: You could put on all your advertising, or you could point directly to that directory.

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Make a new site to experiment with

If you want to try your hand at a new venture, whether learning how to program, testing out your blogging skills, or building a new business, a new domain name can give you a fresh start. Pick up some hosting (or, if you have our Business Pro package, you can just add the domain to a new site), point your domain to it, and get started!

It doesn’t even have to be related to your business – if you’ve always wanted a place where you can keep everyone informed on your family’s latest achievements or a site to post cat photos, your domain name can make it easy and fun to start building a new site.

Example: While running your marketing & PR firm at, you could kick-start your web development career on

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Test specific markets

Test out branding strategies, special offers, and targeted audiences with both domain names pointing to your website. Create print advertising for specific magazines, add in a PPC campaign, even change your signature file in your email – by funnelling customers through either domain, you can see in your statistics what works and what doesn’t.

Example: Run an advertising campaign for your charity organisation where you recruit volunteers through and you look for people who need help through

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Protect your brand

Even if you don’t plan to use the domain name, it’s always a good idea to make certain you have as many of the possible permutations of your company’s name as you can acquire. Otherwise, as Disney has shown us, it can be a real pain to try to get them later.

At the very least, if you are based in the UK, you should have the and the .uk addresses. Nominet’s already reserved most of the .uk domain names for the owners of the, so if you haven’t picked up yours yet, why not?

Example: Keep your pizzeria branding safe for your future expansion with,,, and

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So what are you waiting for? From just £3.49 a year, you can now get two domain names – and this offer only lasts until Friday, 30 October. Search for your new domain name today!


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