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We have now increased your Heart Internet mailbox quotas (for pop3 and IMAP) to 400MB! In just a few short months we have gone from 100MB to 250MB and now up to 400MB.

We want to make sure all Heart Internet customers can continue to manage their large attachments without having to constantly worry about deleting old emails. As someone who never likes to delete an Email, 400MB is great news!

Web host Standard mail box limit
Heart Internet 400MB
Fasthosts 20MB
WebFusion 100MB

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  • 30/11/2009


  • Josko


    Yess!! Great news.. Thank you!

  • 05/12/2009

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that mailbox limits were 1GB?

    Last time I checked the FAQ it mentioned 1GB

  • 05/12/2009

    Hi David,

    In older versions of webmail, POP3 users could store mail within the webmail client and we offered 1GB of storage for this. We now use an IMAP webmail service so all mail is stored within your mailbox even if you use a pop3 mail client at home or work.

    Our IMAP/POP3 mailboxes had a 100mb quota for 5 years but we recently increased this to 250mb and now to 400mb.


  • 06/12/2009

    Ah ok I understand, thanks for clearing things up Jonathan.

  • Grant


    Hi is there any way of paying extra to increase this from 400MB to say 1GB? Thanks

  • Robert Mathers


    Hi Grant,

    If you’re looking for more email storage space you can upgrade to a Premium Mailbox. These start at 2GB and can be upgraded in 2GB increments all the way up to 10GB for £4.99 per increment.

    You can find out more about Premium Mailboxes here: https://customer.heartinternet.uk/manage/extras.cgi.




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