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Over the year we have been putting together a series of web hosting guides covering various aspects of managing a website in detail. Below are links to the current crop of PDF web hosting guides available completely free for anyone to download and use.  Note: The links below all open a PDF.

Web Design:

Create a background drop shadow effect

Create rounded corners with one image

Create scrollable content

Create super fast navigation using a single image


45 Search Engine Pay Per Click Tips

Setting up a Blog

Setting up a Google AdWords account

Using negative keywords

Writing an online survey

Web hosting resellers:

Why become a host reseller?

Getting your customers to buy more & stay longer


5 Great Open Source Graphic and Web Design Alternatives

Essential Firefox add-ons

Free FTP software solutions

These web hosting guides can be along with our series of beginner’s guide to web hosting


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  • 27/11/2009

    Some great resources, thanks! I noticed this one seems to have a broken link:

    *Link updated*

    PS: The “Web Hosting Guides” are fantastic too!

  • Oliver


    Hiya heartinternet. as a reseller i love thease guides. but i was wondering if resellers could have a blank labeled version to give out to there clients? just an idea.

  • 28/11/2009

    Hi Oliver,

    You can get white label versions in the Reseller Control Centre.


  • 28/11/2009

    Nice! I didn’t know about the white label versions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Moving to Heart Internet (2 years ago) was the best thing I’ve done for both me and my web design clients!


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