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Your clients don’t just need a great website to show their business in its best light, build authority and a successful brand. As a web host, you know there are also other important elements that help to reassure their prospects that they’re professional and trustworthy.

One of these key elements is having a branded, professional email that your clients can use to communicate with, educate and entertain their target audience.

If your clients don’t have a branded email, it’s most likely because they think they don’t need it. They might think that branding is only meant for large enterprises with huge advertising budgets, which you already know is not the case.

So, as a reseller, how do you convince them that not having a professional email can hurt their image and revenue?

Here’s what you should tell your clients so they understand that it’s in their best interest to get a branded email address with their business name in it.

What impression does your email address give about your business?

We’ve all heard the expression “first impressions last”. This statement isn’t true just for businesses that meet and sell to customers face-to-face, but for online businesses, too.

Every interaction that a potential customer has with your business should be a positive experience that instils confidence and professionalism, especially if it forms their first impression of your business.

That first interaction can easily happen over email.

Imagine a prospect visits your website and wants to email you to ask for a quote or enquire about a product. If they see that your email address ends with “” or “”, that can give them the impression that you’re not serious.

Why? Because a free email account often projects inexperience or even worse, raises doubts on whether you’re a legitimate company or a scam artist.

But when you have a branded email address with your business name in it, what you’re telling the world and your customers is that you’re running a trustworthy, established business that’s here to stay. You’re not dabbling; you take what you do seriously.

It’s really all about building credibility and trust, which are key to turning prospects into customers.

Branded email does your marketing for you

A consistent and complete brand won’t just add that extra level of professionalism. It’ll also expand your business name further.

Have you ever seen someone’s email address on a CV or a business card and looked up their website because you were curious? That doesn’t happen when you use a free email address.

But when you use your business name in your email address, it’s one more opportunity to showcase your brand and attract new customers.

If you think about it, your email address is seen in lots of places, not just on your website, business cards and stationary.

Every time you send an email or whenever one of your messages is forwarded to someone else, you put your brand in front of a wider audience. When you comment on a blog or share your email address on Twitter or Facebook with a potential customer, that’s a simple way to promote your business and boost recognition for your brand.

In fact, there’s nothing easier and more affordable like a professional email to increase your brand’s visibility and positively impact your marketing efforts.

It prevents you from losing business to your competitors

If your argument against a professional email address is that there are plenty of good free ones, consider the following. If you were thinking about spending a fair amount of money for a tour to Iceland, which travel agency would you feel more confident in: OR

When you use a free email address, it detracts from the value you want to offer to your customers. They’re too busy trying to figure out why they should pay a huge amount of money for a trip when you didn’t even spring for the nominal cost of a custom email address.

And since your competitors all use branded email addresses, that might be the only factor that sends them elsewhere.

It saves your emails from the spam folder

Even if your email somehow manages to pass your prospects’ spam filters, nothing gives them more reason to bin your email or mark it as spam like suspecting it of being unsolicited messaging from an exiled Nigerian prince or some sketchy company that bought their name off a list.

In other words, using a free email account is bad for business since it runs the risk of being associated with actual junk and spam content.

So while it might save you a few pounds per month, it could end up costing your business thousands in lost sales.

It’s more robust

Another thing that makes professionally branded email better is that it stays out of your way and lets you focus on your business. That is if you use the right provider.

For example, our new Professional Business Email will set you up with more than just a branded email.

It comes with a generous 25GB of storage, plus some powerful tools and features that’ll make it easier to manage large portions of your business and get your work done efficiently, no matter where you are in the world.

You can use it to check your email from any device using our responsive email client or OWA, and from anywhere you have an internet connection.

You also get access to some great tools that’ll save you time and boost efficiency and collaboration, such as: keeping track of clients, colleagues and customers with Contacts, or managing your meetings with Calendars and Tasks.

Taking the next step

Even with all these convincing arguments, some clients might avoid taking the next step to set up a branded email address because they think it’s either difficult or time-consuming.

Fortunately, you can let them know that the only thing they need to do is to provide you with their domain name and the device they want to read their emails on. That’s it. We’ll take care of setting it up and everything else so they can send email straight away.

How do you convince clients to use a branded email? Let us know in a comment.



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