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We’re proud to announce that we are sponsoring Generate London, taking place at the Royal Institution in London on 19-21 September.

This conference is filled with practical talks from the top people in the industry, talking about their processes and concepts to help you become a better web designer or developer.

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With workshops on the 19th and then two days of talks from 16 speakers, there will be plenty of fascinating discussions happening around the conference. Here are five talks we’re particularly excited about:

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Busy “Web Master”

Sarah Parmenter, Thursday, 9:35

When you’re the only person who takes care of the website, it can seem like an impossible task to keep track of the latest design techniques as well as making sure that new design gets seen by your customers. Sarah is going to talk about design reviews, using “design once, use everywhere”, and social media ideas to help you navigate your digital presence.

Navigating the Hype-Driven Front-End Development World Without Going Insane

Kristijian Ristovski, Thursday, 14:35

The fear of missing out blended with the obsession to move onto the latest and the greatest is always dangerous mix for developers. What are other front-end developers using? Should you forget about what you’re using and start learning something new? Do you have enough time to learn the latest version of your favourite framework? Kristijian will go through these questions and help you find the answers.

Creating Art with CSS

Cassidy Williams, Thursday, 15:40

As CSS becomes even more flexible, there are more possibilities for amazing things. Creating graphics can be a halfway point between the workflow of the designer and the front-end developer. Cassidy will show you how to see graphics as a developer, how to recreate them in CSS, and live-code some CSS art on-stage.

Shokunin of the Web

Bruce Lawson, Friday, 9:35

Often translated as “artisan”, Tasio Odate writes “The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people.” Bruce will look at web standards, web design, and the mindset required to not only be a web artisan, but also a Shokunin of the web.

Building Worlds

Marpi Marcinoski, Friday, 12:10

Large-scale art installations, new media events, AR and VR, interactive LED walls connected to mobile devices, these all let people create and interact with generative worlds, and define new art spaces. Marpi will not only look at these possibilities as an author, but as a user as well, seeing how we can build better worlds.


In the beautiful Royal Institution, Generate London is the perfect conference for anyone who wants to learn more about design and development. We’ll be there to talk about web hosting with you, as well as giving out printed copies of our books, “Build Faster Websites”, “The Business of Web Design”, “Technical SEO for WordPress”, and a brand-new never-before printed book that’ll be out just for Generate London.

Tickets are still available for both the conference and the workshops, but they will sell out soon. If you’d like to learn more about the future of the web, join us at Generate!


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