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If you want to put a face to the people behind Heart Internet, we have recently added a brand new ‘Meet the team’ page to the site. As well as our pictures you can also have a read of the management team’s biographies and background in the web hosting industry (we have four members of the team with over 10 year’s web hosting experience each. The industry has only really existed as a consumer service for 15 years!)

The photo shoot was done a couple of weeks ago in a studio near our offices, and once the initial embarrassment of having to pose in front of the camera faded we all started to get in to it, sometimes a bit too much!

Click here to meet the Heart Internet team

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  • 28/06/2010

    How odd that you’ve added a meet the team page. It’s like you must have read my mind as I thought only a few days ago that it would be great to find out who’s behind everything I see on my monitor when I log in.

    I’ve even thought what a great competition prize it would be if the winner got to spend a day with HI.

    You certainly have a great team and from a customer point of view it certainly feels very customer focused. keep up the great work. It is all very much appreciated.

  • 28/06/2010

    What a motley looking crew 🙂 And what a fab job you all do.

  • 29/06/2010

    @Steve Lol, thanks!

    @Eddie I’m not sure how exciting that would be, but thanks for the positive feedback 🙂

  • 29/06/2010

    Nice Pictures……BUT before I renew I need to know who they all support, as it is a vital question knowing who we are dealing with… 🙂

  • 29/06/2010

    I agree with Eddie about meeting HI….what about some kind of one day tour of the office with a little presentation on how resellers can maximise how to use their account and get money out of customers…nice to meet and greet the people you take money off 🙂

  • Billy


    Nice to see the smiling faces to a team who do a great job. Keep up the great work, service and features you bring to us resellers. You are so proactive with all your blogs and the new features keep popping up. Do you ever sleep? lol


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