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Our web hosting and reseller hosting customers have been enjoying using their iPhone web hosting control panel for some time now and we felt our dedicated server customers were missing out. So we have gone ahead and fixed that!

All our dedicated server customers can now manage their server on the go with our dedicated server iPhone (and Android) control panel.  All functionality is the same and the control panel has been optimised for the smaller screen and mobile access.

To log in, simply go to your normal log in page using an iPhone and once you enter your details you will automatically be taken to our dedicated server iPhone control panel. From here you can perform all the actions you could if you were sat at your desk top, including:

Server Reboot

You can reboot your server any time you like. Just visit the “Manage Dedicated Servers” area of your control panel and click the real time reboot option. This will perform a hardware reboot (power cycle the server).

Add IP Addresses

We setup one IP address as standard and you can add another for free by clicking the option in the “Manage Dedicated Servers” area of your control panel. (If you need more IP addresses after that you can buy these for £12 each per year.)

Bandwidth Graphs

We automatically graph your server’s traffic usage so that you can see how busy your server is.


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  • 02/07/2010

    Looking good – well done guys!

    Any chance of some android apps as well though?

  • Paul


    Yea, just need this on android now 🙂 I wonder what % of reseller customers are anti-iphone.

  • 09/02/2011


    It works on Android devices as well



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