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It’s my pleasure to announce the release of our 3rd Premium style HostPay template. This web 2.0 style hosting template comes in four different colour variations: blue, red, green and grey and is available to all our Reseller hosting customers completely free of charge. Following on from the theme of our previous templates it’s CSS based, XHTML/W3C standards compliant and extremely easy to modify and adapt to your own brand, we’ve made everything as highly configurable as possible only using images where needed.

You’ll notice it’s very text heavy, not only will this benefit you from a search engine optimisation point of view but it also allows you to modify this to your own requirements very quickly (Plus it loads extremely fast!). We’ve added some fancy effects like rounded corners and text shadows for all the Firefox/Safari/Chrome users out there! Don’t worry it will still look great in Internet Explorer! πŸ™‚

Feel free to leave your comments on this new template set. (Don’t forget to send us a link if you use this template for your own hosting company, we’d love to see it in action!)

Screenshots below:



To apply this new template design please login to your customer control panel.


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  • 17/11/2009

    Hi Ben, Nice work there – A very worthy addition to the premium template list.

    (Keep them coming) ;o)

    Regards – Gary

  • Ben


    Hi Gary,

    Thanks very much indeed, glad you like it.

    There’s plenty more HostPay designs in the pipeline, so don’t worry! πŸ™‚



  • 27/12/2009

    Any ideas how to implement the hostpay basket/checkout view for the customer?

  • ADAM


    Great hostpay themes they look much better and right out of the box.

    Just like the guy above can you please release a WORDPRESS THEME THAT HAS HOSTPAY INBUILT.

    That way users will be able to create really SEO friendly hosting company websites. (JOOMLA is not very seo based). If you ever doimprove on hostpay themes, please can you build it with WORDPRESS.

    More over can you open my eyes as to what i should be thing of to build a HOSTING company website built on wordpress platform with HOPSTPAY inbuilt ?

  • 28/12/2009

    Adam, more than likely they will reply with a: Use the API that was released (meaning you gotta be a web coder, which doesnt really apply to many of the resellers unfortunately, there are only a few releasers who have managed to go ahead and create a custom built website).

    Joomla is SEO ready though, the thing with wordpress of course is that its easier to manage and use, but its mainly for Blogs, with Joomla at least you are more free as to the kind of pages you can construct and implement carts and so on. Same applies to Drupal (not as popular as joomla).

    This is not to say I wouldnt mind a template for wordpress though πŸ™‚

    Please HeartInternet, release a plugin ready to be used for either Joomla or WordPress, I am 100% sure that this will make many resellers happy.

  • 29/12/2009

    WordPress is quickly becoming the de facto CMS of choice for many webmasters (myself included) so we are going to talk about it seriously.

  • 29/12/2009

    Good to know Matthew πŸ™‚

  • 20/02/2010

    I’m definately with Mr Brown on this one!

    Joomla is a better CMS for all levels and is much more extendable. WordPress is a great script but i think a Joomla Module would result in much better reseller sites that can contain more user interactivity through other extensions.

    Many people become comfortable using one or the other because they get to know the structure.

    Although i feel Joomla would be the best option would both be too much to ask???

  • Alan Spencer


    i have just gone over to hostpay and am using this template i do like it but i agree with the rest a nice module for joomla would b better.

    anyway thanks keep up the good work

    here’s my site i have modded the template just enough to make it different from the stanard template

  • Dave


    Any sign of any new Hostpay templates coming out? There haven’t been any in three years?? Or at least some Joomla/wordpress integration?

  • 17/04/2013

    Hi Dave,

    The templates are designed to help kick start use of HostPay and speed up development of your website. We haven’t added any new ones in a while, but the existing batch still look great.



  • Ryan


    I’m also wondering if you ever progressed with the WordPress or Joomla integration! as i think this will really make it easier for many to sell your hosting and domain products.

  • 23/05/2013

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your comment. This is something that we are actively working on; we will keep you posted.



  • Ryan


    Hi Robert,
    I’m just wondering if there has been any progress on a wordpress plugin in the last few months, or if there is anything in the pipeline for this to be released?

  • Robert Mathers


    Hi Ryan,

    We’re still working on this and will let you know about any developments.



  • Ryan Vassallo


    it would be great to see a responsive template for hostpay as so much web traffic is mobile based now. The wordpress plugin would also solve this.

  • Robert Mathers


    Hi Ryan,

    This isn’t something we’re working on right now, but we’ll keep you up to date with any developments.



  • David


    I like it also, I was already using the previous latest template released, but I think I like this one a bit more, or not sure, grrrr now I have to recode everything πŸ™

    Gotta love web2.0

    Just a little suggestion though for any future releases.

    Would it be possible to make like a template for joomla that could be linked with hostpay?

    This way the reseller would be able to modify things around the website easily.

    I know its not difficult to modify right now, but there are a few people that are still puzzled about how to modify templates to their needs. So thinking, drupal, joomla, wordpress could be the way to go?

    Let me know what you think, although more than likely your reply will be something like: We will take this into consideration πŸ™‚




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