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We’re happy to announce that we’re now offering hosted email packages built on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. All Exchange email hosting includes:

•  Free Microsoft Outlook 2010

•  Access to your email via Outlook or Outlook Web Access

•  Mobile access (including iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPad support)

•  Enterprise level virus and spam protection.

All our business email hosting is safe and secure thanks to our state-of-the-art data centre, which is manned 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no set up or hardware costs, you can easily transfer in any existing data, and you can also take advantage of secure email access from almost any platform, device or web browser.

As well as increasing business productivity with all the advanced and updated features Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 offers, you can save money by leaving all the maintenance and day-to-day running to us. Our professional email hosting solutions are easy to set up and use so you can reap the benefits straight away.

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you can benefit by adding Exchange Server 2010 to your web hosting package or using it as a standalone product. If you’re a reseller, you can expand your web hosting services to include business email hosting or sell email packages separately as a dedicated product reseller.

Find out more about Exchange Server 2010 email hosting with Heart Internet.

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  • Simon


    That is fantastic news – I was just discussing Exchange with a client the other day and now I can go back and offer it to them. I love you.

  • Neil


    Hi – Is this £10 per month for the exchange setup, with 4gb storage, and therefore as many mailboxes as i would wish to setup? (within the account / domain thats is)?

    Or is this £10 per month, per email account?

    What happens if i wish for extra storage for all accounts, or just individually one?

    I assume this is to offer the advantages of MS Exchange as otherwise people would just use Google Apps???

  • Craig


    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the interest. The £10 charge per month is per email account, we don’t currently have anything in place for larger storage space, but this is definitely something we could consider if there was interest.

    We’re offering Exchange because there are great number of companies and individuals who would really like Exchange functionality, but might not be able to manage or afford their own Exchange server.

  • Nick


    Does the Microsoft Exchange included the calendar functionality?

  • Gareth J M Saunders


    How easy would it be to add an Exchange account to an existing Web hosting account (Business Pro/Linux) so that Exchange managed my email rather than the default Web hosting POP account?

    I currently have an Exchange account elsewhere but it would be much more convenient for me to have my Web hosting and Exchange hosted in the same place.I currently use Exchange mostly for my calendar, contacts and tasks but it would be great to have my mail email address linked to Exchange too.

    If I added an Exchange account do you guys do the setup (swapping my email from POP to Exchange) or would I have to do it; how easy is it?


  • Craig


    Hi guys,

    Nick, full individual and shared calendar functionality is included.

    Gareth, it is very easy to switch over to using Exchange. If you are using our nameservers for the domain, then we set up the relevant DNS records which allow you to use Automatic setup of your account. It’s as simple as removing your POP3 box, adding an Exchange box, then inserting your username and password into Outlook. The setup of your account would then be complete.

  • Greig Middlemiss


    I am waiting on my domain transferring from Fasthosts so I can have my Exchange2010 account set up.Originally my Exch03 account was with Fasthosts, I then moved to another company for Exch07 but left the domain registered at Fasthosts.

    I am a bit confused as I’ve been told it will take up to 10 days to transfer my domain from Fasthosts to Heart – however, for another domain I moved between Fasthosts and Heart in november last year, it went through in one day…?

    No worries though, I’m just eager to have for once, web hosting, domains and Exchange hosting all under the same banner.Makes life much simpler!

  • 08/07/2010

    @Greig It’s ‘up to’ 10 days to transfer, but as you can see from your own past experience it’s likely to be quicker!

  • Greg


    Hi There

    Above it states that its a secure login, as a reseller is this white label and can they log into their email via their site (webmail) as normal or do they have to use a heart entry point?

    Also setting in outlook for the server etc, is this heart branded, reseller or customer?

  • Wan


    Hi Craig, Jennifer,

    quick questions for you guys. I have a reseller account. First I thought it was ten pounds for unlimited mail boxes (but total of 4 gig) but only now I realize it is per mail box.

    The question is, if my customer (under one domain) is wanting exchange account in SOME but not all of the mailboxes, would this be possible? i.e. some still use imap/pop3 but some use the exchange? (I guess it is not possible to do this – but you never know….).

    Thank you.

  • Craig


    Hi guys,

    To Greg, the login page is not branded to Heart Internet in any way, it uses a subdomain of our standard webmail login page. We are looking at providing further whitelisting on this service however. We support autodiscover with our Exchange service, so all a customer will ever need to enter into Outlook are their username, and then their password.

    Wan, we have our DNS set up to allow both Exchange and Linux mailboxes to work on the same domain, so what you want is entirely possible.

  • Sam


    It sure is useful having your domain email account interfaced with Outlook. Makes checking and sending mail much more convenient.

  • Just Web Design


    As a reseller customer I recently purchased exchange hosting, for the money i’m really impressed with the service, Outlook 2010 is also a pleasure to work with, not to mention syncronising emails, contacts and the calendar with my iPhone.

  • Graham Doggart


    I have a few clients that share mailboxes – how does this work on the pricing structure? One client as an extreme shares one mailbox and calendar with 30+ staff on 30 computers and 15 blackberrys. All the same calendar, email and contact data.

  • 01/03/2011


    We charge £10 per Exchange account. however, customers with a reseller accountget a 50% discount at £4.99 per month, so instead of having to pay £300 a month (for 30 accounts) you would be looking at£149.70 for the 30 Exchange accounts plus the £29.99 per month for the reseller account which will allow you the benefit of hosting as many websites as you like.

    I hope that helps.


  • Arran {Classic Lines Design}


    Hi there,

    one of our clients requires exchange for their email addresses.

    we have only ever offered our clients POP3 / IMAP, so we know very little of Exchange.

    i understand the pricing structure etc, and have seen a Youtube video (from Heart: “Setting Up: Exchange 2010 Mailboxes”)

    So once Exchange accounts are purchased through add-ons, are they set up on machines / phones much the same as POP3 accounts (with the passwords / mail server provided?

    … So the main differences are what is happening ‘behind the scenes?’ (such as Heart’s spam-filter / large storage etc?)

    also, is email forwarding set up in much the way as (and with the ease of) POP3 accounts?

    are exchange accounts which are @TheSameDomain all linked together automatically? (calenders etc.)

    Or is there somewhere in Heart for us to set this up?

    After this: do we need to do anything ourselves…or is all maintenance etc. done by Heart Internet?


  • 22/01/2013

    Hi Arran,

    Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve asked our technical advisors to get in touch with you in order to answer your questions in detail.




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