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We sell a wide range of hosting at Heart Internet.

We offer cPanel-managed hosting, Windows hosting, WordPress plans, ecommerce options, VPSs and more.

In this blog, we put Self-managed Virtual Private Servers in the spotlight.

There are six plans to choose from at Heart Internet, featuring between one and 16 CPUs, 40 to 800GB of storage, and one to 32GB RAM.

Each plan can be customised in a myriad of ways – choose your operating system, add a control panel, and pick between standard and high RAM plans.


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Who were these VPS plans created for?

These packages have been created with system admins, web developers and experienced web designers in mind.

They’re ideal for anyone who feels they have outgrown shared hosting and has a decent level of technical knowledge when it comes to server admin.

How can these VPS plans be used?

These plans are ideal for…

  • Running high traffic websites and apps
  • Running resource-intensive websites and apps
  • Designers and developers who look after a portfolio of clients
  • Anyone who needs more flexibility when it comes to configuring a server
  • Those who need dedicated resources but want a more affordable alternative to a dedicated server

What does self-managed mean?

When you buy one of these plans, you’ll need to take care of tasks like software management and security and software updates yourself.

The Heart Internet support team is only an email away, however, if you have any queries about keeping your VPS up and running.

What are the top 10 features of these VPS plans?

1. Flexibility

The six Self-managed VPS plans can be configured in more than 40 different ways. Add a control panel like cPanel or Plesk to your plan. Pick the operating system that suites you best, and so on.

2. Root access

Use root access to install the precise applications you want onto your server. Plus, take care of server admin more efficiently using SSH commands.

3. Performance monitoring

Ensure your server stays running at its best by setting up email alerts to notify you about issues such as high resource usage and outages.

4. 99.9% uptime

You can be confident that your apps and sites will stay ever accessible, thanks to our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

5. Free backups

These servers may be self-managed, but you can automate weekly backups – this functionality is included for free in every self-managed VPS package.

6. Room to grow

If you discover that you need more resources or power, you can upgrade to the next tier plan in a single click.

7. Global data centres

Ensure your clients get the best page loads speeds – choose from data centres in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

8. Dedicated resources

Avoid the noisy neighbour effect. You won’t share your resources with anyone else.

9. Speed

Every Self-managed VPS plan comes with NVMe SSD storage, which is up to three times faster than standard SSD storage.

10. Experienced support

These VPS plans are self-managed, but you can reach out to Heart Internet’s support team with any queries about your package whenever you need to.

Contact us by ticket anytime, by phone between 9am and 7am, and through live chat between 9am and 5pm.

What if you need dedicated resources but aren’t confident in server admin?

If you’re looking for high power hosting but feel like the technical side of a VPS is too much, take a look at our Business Hosting packages, instead.

These come with cPanel included, so you can manage your hosting admin through a user-friendly interface.

Ready to see the technical specs?

Visit our VPS product pages to see the full range of plans, read more about the resources, and discover the competitive prices.


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