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We’ve updated our API documentation to include VPS functions, so you can speed up various VPS tasks such as preparing, inspecting, listing and working with servers.

To view the entire API documentation, click here. Below you’ll find an overview and quick links to the new specific VPS elements to help you get started:

Prepare a VPS Order

This allows you to create a custom VPS order by setting the OS, number of cores, RAM, disk space, back up space and working with other options such as cPanel.

Great for managing multiple servers, these commands provide you with a comprehensive list of your VPS and dedicated servers.

Inspect VPS

View critical details for your VPS such as specs and renewal date.

Prepare a VPS upgrade order

These commands allow you to modify the specs of an existing VPS.

Examine old VPS upgrade orders

Mark upgrade orders as complete within your own system.

Power on/off and reboot

These are simple self-explanatory commands for working with your VPS.

Enjoy the new VPS API!


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