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Let’s start by thanking our friend Laura Thomson, of Phenomenal Training, for allowing us to share videos she has created to help people across the country work from home more effectively.

Are you working from home? Many of us are. Remote working, of course, has become increasingly popular over recent years. For many of us though, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us into an unknown space. One where we need to recalibrate how we work. One where we connect differently with colleagues, clients and suppliers. And one where we adopt a different way of working to keep the community safe.

We can. We will. And we are doing this!

The internet is a thing of beauty. We love it as much as the next guy. It means that, whilst many shop doors are closing for now, many online doors are staying open. This doesn’t diminish the fact that change is always hard and that people thrive from human interaction. The sudden onset of self-isolation does indeed weigh heavy over our desire to find renewed productivity in working from home.

That’s why we’ve drafted in the positive energy and practical advice of Laura Thomson of Phenomenal Training.

Laura delivers culture change, communication and leadership programmes for customer-facing organisations. And she’s put together a compelling 3 part video series:

  • Video 1: How do I keep a healthy and productive mindset through all of this?
  • Video 2: How do I structure a self-starting day and keep motivated the whole week?
  • Video 3: How do I create artificial boundaries to switch off and maintain a balance?

Laura, who specialises in the impact of technological advances on the world of work, shares her practical tips and key insights into how you can make home work, work for your business.

#1 How do I keep a healthy and productive mindset?

Things are going great then, all of a sudden, your plans change. Take comfort that we are all in the same boat – rowing together is how we’ll overcome this. In terms of staying productive at home though, there’s no one-size-fits-all – there’s only one-size-fits-you.

In Episode One, Laura provides practical suggestions to help you thrive whilst working from home no matter how makeshift your setup.

#2 How do I structure a self-starting day?

In Episode Two, Laura explores how you can invent a structure and create a routine to ensure days and weeks don’t blend into one another.


#3 How do I switch off and maintain a balance?

Working from home can see the lines between work and home become blurred. In Episode Three, Laura breaks down how you can break down your home and (home) work life.

In it together

To help you and your business get through these trying times, Heart Internet will be creating and posting regular videos, blog posts and resources. We’ll cover topics such as tips for working from home, technology and apps, practical measures for client management and fun pastimes you can partake in.

Visit the Heart Internet blog here.

If you have any topics you’d like us to cover, let us know.

More about and Laura Thomson and Phenomenal Training

Phenomenal Training’s Laura Thomson has been creating and delivering culture change, communication and leadership programmes for organisations since 2000. She also writes and talks about the impact that robots and Artificial Intelligence is having on the world of work.

With a background in Human Psychology, Laura has been running Phenomenal Training Ltd business since 2008, working with some great brands including Heathrow Airport, The Body Shop, Phase Eight and Argos.

Visit the Phenomenal Training website to learn more.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or directly contact Laura and Phenomenal Training on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube.


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