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Working from home: who’s ready? If we were to take a vox pop from social media, then it would seem not many!

Remote working was already incredibly popular with around 1.5 million people working from home. They are the pros. From their home office setups and daily working patterns, there is much we can learn from them.

What about the rest of us, though? For many, this is the first time they’ve worked from home. The sudden exodus of people from workplaces across the land created a real and urgent need to create makeshift setups at home.

Not all of us have Gordon Gekko style office suites at home. That means we need to get creative. It also means many workers have been indulging in the great pastime of DIY.

The results range from impressive, to confusing to downright hilarious. So, to keep our spirt’s up, we’ve rounded up some of the best trending makeshift home office desks doing the rounds online.

The clothes hamper desk

Multitasking is key to a productive day. And what better way to get on top of house and work chores than constructing your workstation on a clothes hamper?


Twitter user @julesforrest’ makeshift clothing hamper desk set off a chain reaction of hilarious posts from the Twitterverse.

@joshmateo decided to take out the trash.

Whilst @SofiAmeli took a different approach, creating the good boy desk.

Three screens

Elsewhere in the Twittersphere, others mused over multiple screens – a creature comfort of many workplaces. So it’s perhaps little surprise that echoes of discontent sound across social media as home workers adapt to single monitors. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out this inventive fellow:


Ironing out the kinks

When relocating to a home office there’s clearly going to be a number of creases that need ironing out.


What’s your home office set up?

From laundry baskets to desks created out of microwaves, people are finding inventive ways to stay working. This is to be commended.

What’s your set up like? From the good, the bad to the ugly, we want to know. Tell us on our social media channels. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration!



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