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We’re happy to announce that you can now pre-order new .wales and .cymru domains!

The latest in Nominet’s highly successful line of UK domain names, you can register your interest from just £10.99. If you have a business based in Wales, the good news is that you currently have priority for pre-ordering your .wales and .cymru, so take advantage and get yours before everyone else.

Why register .wales or .cymru?

There are several great reasons to register your names in these brand new extensions:

Show national pride – A .wales or .cymru domain is perfect for any kind of local business, tourism, or geographical website. Pick .wales for websites of UK or global interest, and .cymru for local attraction.

Create fluid language experiences – Registering both .wales and .cymru forms of a name enables you to create one English language website and one Welsh language website. You could also adapt the content further in order to appeal to your different visitor bases.

Display your location from the start – A .wales or .cymru domain instantly tells visitors that you’re geographically targeted (and therefore relevant to their needs) even before they’ve visited your website.

Stay in control of your reputation – Prevent a third party trading on your name or holding domains to ransom by getting there first.

Pre-orders are open until mid-December, the Landrush phase begins on the 29th December, and General Availability begins on the 1st March 2015. For more information and to see how you can benefit from this new extension, please check out our .wales and .cymru domain names page.

Don’t miss out – pre-order your .cymru and .wales domains today!

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