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If you regularly log in to your customers’ eXtend control panels you can now navigate between all your customers’ control panels without having to return to the Reseller Control Centre (RCC).

Next time you log in to your RCC and log in to a customer’s eXtend control panel

You will see there is a new drop down menu at the top of the page.

You can use this to navigate from account to account without having to return to the RCC.

We are maintaining the momentum we built up from last year adding new features at a tremendous rate (you can see a list of the 2010 releases here). So far this year we have added these great features to your reseller hosting:

•     Staging platform added to HostPay

•     Product marketing section added to your RCC

•     New white label marketing collateral

•     PHP 5.3.5

•     Free HTML newsletter template

•     Mailbox over quota alert

•     Major API update

•     eXtend’s JavaScript snippets refreshed

•     New dedicated server launched (plus 25% discount for resellers)

•     In depth HostPay files & variables documentation

•     New renewals manager added to your RCC


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