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To take full advantage of our current special offer on .xyz domains (they’re just 99p at the moment!), we’ve put together some tips and ideas for how you can position them for your own customers.

Read on to find out how you can price, promote and present your .xyz offering in the most appealing light for your customers…


As we’re currently offering .xyz so cheaply to you, it gives you a lot of flexibility in the type of promotion you run. There are no restrictions on how many you can buy or what price you sell them at, so you can choose to use them as loss-leaders or simply sell them at full price and increase your profits. Three things you might want to consider are:

Creating a simple sale – Offer your customers a .xyz for a certain price (we suggest 99p or lower) when they spend a certain amount or buy another product from your website. This increases their basket spend, and potentially their lifetime value.

Running your own bundling promotion – For best results and maximum profit, you might want to try bundling .xyz with other products and services. For example, offer a .xyz domain name free with a hosting package, or run a ‘2 for 1’ deal that consists of a free .xyz domain when you buy one (either another .xyz or another domain extension). See Why domain names are your baked beans for more information on loss-leading promotions.

Adding straight to your profit – You don’t necessarily need to run a price promotion; in actual fact it’s very rarely about who’s the cheapest. Simply selling .xyz domains at the standard price (or slightly lower) will result in sales from loyal customers.


The most important thing here is to present your customers with a selection of options for a .xyz domain name. The big advantage of .xyz is that it’s very versatile, and it can be used for pretty much any kind of website. However, the downside of this flexibility is that potential buyers can feel a bit lost, so directly answering the ‘What can I use it for?’ question in your marketing immediately gets the ball rolling.

Some of the avenues to explore include:

Perfect match: If your customers want their exact business name or personal name, so it’s easier for people to remember, they’re more likely to get it as a .xyz than one of the older domain name extensions.

Generics: There are plenty of memorable and authoritative generic terms available in the .xyz extension, such as

Reputation-building: A great choice of domain name can help your customers establish authority in their market and ensure they remain memorable. A .xyz can be used creatively to imply a one-stop-shop, knowledge and education, and much more.

URL shortening: Your customers can grab a short .xyz domain to use for URL tracking, business cards, presentations, vehicles, posters, radio advertising and much more.

For more ideas and inspiration for positioning, take a look at our post 9 practical ideas for your .xyz domain.


The medium you choose to sell your .xyz deal will largely depend on your pricing and promoting decisions, as well as the time and resources you have available. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Website changes (e.g. lightbox pop up, banner image, homepage change, disturber bar, background change, landing page).
  • Email to your customer base (this can be one of the least resource-intensive and most successful ways to market a promotion: for more advice, check out 14 articles to improve your email marketing and 13 vital tips for successful email campaigns).
  • Social media (either as a standalone discount or as part of a promotion. It’s also worth considering a paid promotion – it doesn’t have to be expensive).
  • Blog posts (great for getting your promotion listed quickly in search engines alongside a Google+ post).
  • Voucher codes (these can be promoted with permission across various independent voucher sites and social media groups for additional reach).

Any or all of these ideas can be combined so that they support each other; for example, your email to your customers will probably link to your landing page or blog post.

Remember to include terms and conditions for any promotion you’re running, and decide how you’re going to report on and analyse its effectiveness after the campaign is complete.

What are your top tips for selling domain names? Let us know in the comments!

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