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The brand new .uk domain name is fast becoming the most popular new domain name launched this year, with thousands of websites already making the move to .uk.

We have now introduced the ability for you to sell .uk through HostPay, making it even easier to help your customers claim their .uk identity. .uk is short, memorable, flexible and the perfect domain name for any website based in the UK.

Adding .uk to your products

To add .uk to your range of products, login to your RCC and go to HostPay. Click on “Domain products” and in the “Select a domain type” drop down menu choose “UK Domain (.uk)(Yearly)”. 

Click the “Add” button, set your pricing and registration period information and click “Save changes” to save.

Read our “Selling .uk domains” guide

We have put together a really useful guide for resellers on how to make the most of selling the brand new .uk domain, which you can read here.

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  • Jonathan


    Any plans to add this to the credit system? Would be happy to sell it if so.

  • Robert Mathers


    Hi Jonathan,

    This is something we’re currently working on and we’ll keep you updated with any developments.




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