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The recent launch of .uk domains represents a fantastic opportunity for UK businesses to create a great first impression with their website visitors and we’ve created an infographic to celebrate the benefits of this new domain.

The data was gathered from a variety of influential sources including Verisign, Nominet, Emarketer and more to show the .uk domain’s popularity, usage and the level of trust that it inspires in users.

For example, the data shows that .uk is the world’s 3rd most popular Country Code Top Level Domain, that nearly 7 out of 8 people aged 18-24 prefer using a to a .com and that the UK has retained the largest value of sales per digital buyer of any country from 2011 to 2013.

If you’re looking to start selling .uks soon, this infographic may be particularly useful to give you a range of figures you can share with your customers to clearly show them the benefits of a .uk.

Click on the image to see the downloadable version at its full size.

Do the results surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Christopher Hofman


    Great info, Robert. We also just published an infographic, which shows the 15 steps for a succesful domain name change on your website. With 3M business sites there must be so many which plan to change to a .uk soon, don’t you think?

    It can be found at

  • Robert Mathers


    Hi Christopher,

    Absolutely, the .uk offers a great opportunity for any business with a to expand their online presence. Glad you enjoyed this infographic too.




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