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Our award-winning Premium Hosting platform was designed and built from scratch to give our customers the best of both worlds – the convenience and security of shared hosting matched with the power and resilience of dedicated servers.

A screenshot of the Premium Hosting page

Born from 10 years’ worth of Heart Internet shared hosting knowledge, Premium Hosting isn’t just a new feature for our customers, it’s also a brand new way of creating a hosting product for us, separate from all the other existing parts of our shared hosting platform.

Everything in a container and every container in its place

We’ve containerised the web servers, storage, and database servers, so we can tune the capacity of each – this means dedicated resources for the package in question, with the added benefit that any abuse is contained and won't affect other packages (and therefore, other customers). Our containers are OpenVZ. We also considered KVM, but ultimately chose OpenVZ because it’s easy to manipulate and monitor from the host, as well as apply upgrades and security patches.

The OpenVZ logo

Plus, OpenVZ is template driven, so we can leverage this design to engineer any software stack we like, and roll it out quickly and easily. This flexibility means that, in the future, we can create more really cool hosting products which slot right into the rest of the platform, without having to re-implement related parts.

High availability in a tiny package

We’ve also ensured that every aspect of Premium Hosting has failover built in. From the front to the back, the load balancers to the storage, we’ve made sure that if something goes down or goes slow, there’s another right there to take on the load.

The back of a server rack

And our containerised system means that our private hosting clusters scale in the directions needed, with any level of resiliency and any type of spec.

Keeping it open source

All the technology used for Premium Hosting is either built in-house or open source. Along with making our hosting packages more affordable, it also means we understand Premium Hosting inside and out. We don't like black boxes and we don't like off the shelf “solutions” – this means tight integration into our support systems: great platform, great tools, great support!

The logos as part of the LAMP stack

We love Linux, Apache, MySQL*, and PHP (the true LAMP definition), and we know they’re the bread and butter of any shared hosting, so we’re using the latest, greatest and stable versions of each of these, giving you the newest and most secure base for your applications, whether you’re just installing WordPress or building the next Big Thing (TM).

Hello Maria

You saw the asterisk above? Here's why: As much as we love MySQL, we love MariaDB even more. While still a fantastic piece of software, MySQL isn't headed exactly where we needed it to go. There's a shift in the Linux distribution community away from MySQL towards MariaDB, and we understand and agree with this and we too have switched to MariaDB.

The logo for MariaDB

MariaDB is led by the original developers of MySQL, and includes total binary compatibility with MySQL while also giving you even more features and better performance. It really is a no-brainer. Alongside Maria we're using MaxScale, making it easy to scale and balance our database infrastructure without having to make changes to the code on the application-level. In other words, you can scale your database platform database without having to go into your programs and modify it to use the additional database hardware.

And we’ve upgraded physically as well

Having something this fantastic on a software level means nothing if it’s still on something poor on the hardware level. We’ve made sure that Premium Hosting's storage and database servers have SSDs for the hot data, with SAS disks under those for the warm data. SSD is the choice for speed over size, balanced with SAS for size and speed over just size. You won't find any SATA disks in our platform!

Server cables

And everything’s in our fast UK datacentre, with multiple dedicated network links – which means super-fast response times for you and dedicated management channels for us. Plus we’re protected by Juniper Networks’ Webscreen, a leader in DDoS prevention software used by the big corporates.

We’re insufferably proud of our new Premium Hosting package, and we want you to enjoy creating on it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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  • neil


    When are you looking to offer this as part of the Reseller programme, so we can manage our clients hosting that does not quite fit shared hostings limitation? Likewise without the hassle and security concerns of running our own dedicated or vps box.

    • Kate Bolin


      It’s not yet a separate item within HostPay, but you can buy it for your customers within your Reseller Control Centre, and you can add it to HostPay (or the selling platform of your choice) by using the “Custom Add-on” choice in the “Add-ons section”.

      Once your customers purchase it, then you can set it up through us much like you would a VPS or Dedicated Server, and give your customer the details.

      Hope this helps!


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