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Being able to buy everything from one place is always an attractive proposition to clients who don’t want to have to shop around. If your core product is providing web services for small sites such as banners, logos, HTML emails etc you can easily integrate web hosting in to your product mix.

Attracting your customers

If you already have a client base, the first step is to tell them about the range of services you can do for them. Phone or email your clients with details about your hosting service and why they should sign up. Getting your foot under the table is always the hardest part. To reduce the client’s perceived risk offer them an introductory low price or a scaled down version of your service so you can demonstrate your value to them. A lot of the application developers for the iPhone and iPod touch offer a ‘Lite’ version of the application to get people hooked and wanting more (which they then have to pay for).

If your customers don’t bite straight away or you want to run a promotional campaign, you could consider offering bundling your core product (e.g. web design) and web hosting at a rate cheaper than if they were bought separately. To create a sense of urgency and prompt a quick response, run it as limited time only.

Up-selling & cross-selling

Up-selling and cross-selling are not about the hard sell or getting someone to buy something they don’t really need or want.  When done properly the process should almost feel like a service in its own right. One of the best examples online of up-selling and cross-selling is Amazon. Put an item in your basket and you are presented with “Customers who bought this also bought…” with the majority of the suggestions being more expensive items. If you go back to the home page it will have changed to show you items based on your browsing history along with items they feel are associated with that item e.g. putting a men’s skater brand watch in a basket would prompt the site to show jewellery, skater trainers and related accessories. Always keep an eye out for opportunities that may arise from any offhand comments a client may make about needing work in a particular area.

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