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We’re pleased to announce the Website of the Month winner for June 2018 – Cycled!

Screenshot of the Cycled home page

This bespoke news and blog website features the coolest accessories and apparel in cycling, and understands its target audience.

The site is designed to responsively work across both desktop and mobile, with the simple navigation easing the user journey and engaging imagery matched with equally impressive content.

We sat down wth Ryan Nesbitt, site owner and founder of Cycled, for a chat about their website.

Screenshot of an article on apparel on the Cycled website

What is Cycled and what does it do?

We’re a news site and blog bringing the coolest products and apparel in cycling to our audience.

How does the website enhance, support, and drive forward your goals?

Our fully responsive site enables us to deliver content on any device and through any social network.

Screenshot of the Accessories page on Cycled

What would you say the website’s personality is?

We think it’s stylish and professional.

When you were designing the website, did you design with the customer in mind, or did you have a fixed idea on how you wanted to portray the brand?

We wanted the site to be a pleasurable experience for people to visit, so the content and imagery are always king.

We often get comments from brands telling us how we are probably the best-looking news site in cycling.

Screenshot of a list on the Cycled website

What’s your favourite thing about the website?

The way we present the imagery and the choice of fonts on the site.

What do you think makes the website different from the competition?

We tend to not go with too many mainstream products – we’re always looking for the cool up-and-coming brands and products you won’t find anywhere else.

Screenshot of the reviews of a saddle in the Cycled website

Do you have any future plans for the site?

Certainly, and we have some big plans! We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

And how has your experience been as a Heart Internet customer?

Heart Internet has always been a supportive bunch, and will often sort problems for us that might not be “part of the contract”. We’ve certainly never had any major reason to go elsewhere!

We particularly like how Heart Internet appears to be listening to its customer’s support requirements, with first bringing live chat and now adding telephone support. It ultimately allows us to solve technical issues quickly.

Screenshot of the Fresh in Bike Tech section of Cycled

Thank you, Ryan, and congraulations on winning!

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