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We’re delighted to announce our Website of the Month winner for March 2017 –!

The Arbtech website

Focusing on giving customers ecological or arboricultural surveys across the UK, their website is clean, clear, and optimised not just for search engines, but for their users as well. The clarity of design and vertical styling made it a clear winner this month.

We sat down with Andy Ward, the designer of Arbtech, and asked him a few questions about the company, the site, and the design process.

Explain what the site is about. What are the core services available on your winning website? provides services for people who are trying to get planning permission and have been asked for an ecological or arboricultural survey in order for the planning permission to go ahead.

These type or surveys are asked for in order to protect certain species such as bats and newts (which are protected under law) and to make sure trees and vegetation are protected when necessary.

Arbtech also provides plenty of informative resources to help visitors understand why they have been asked for a survey and guide them through the process to make it as simple as possible.

How does the site drive forward the business’s goals?

The main goal of the website is provide an easy way for customers to obtain a free quote and get more information.

The website does this by explaining clearly how the process works, providing lots of additional information for people wanting to understand the background of their survey and by providing clear and easy to use call to actions so the visitors can see how to get started with their survey.

What would you say the website’s personality is?

We wanted the Arbtech website to show the approachable, friendly culture that the company has. We did this by using lots of pictures of team members and some informal quotes and passages of text written by the MD.

We also have lots of reviews, staff blogs, pictures of our company days out and lots of other information about the Arbtech culture which show what an approachable company we are.

Some parts of the website require a slightly more professional approach – for example writing about the more technical work we carry out, so some parts of the website are slightly more formal.

A blog article on the Arbtech site about reptiles and ecological surveys

When designing the site, did you design with the customer in mind?

The customer was at the heart of the website design. The design was based on both qualitative and quantitative research and we used remote user testing, feedback questionnaires, heatmaps, A/B tests and other techniques to make sure that users found the website easy to use.

What’s your favourite thing about the website?

My favourite thing is the focus on the business background and our culture which helps to show that we are a reliable, friendly company and also helps to attract top talent to work at Arbtech.

The Arbtech team, with some of their work

What do you think makes this site different from the competition?

The main difference is probably the investment in user testing. We know how important the website is for attracting new customers so we spent a lot of time optimising the website and getting it right.

Do you have any future plans for the website?

We will continue to optimise and change the website based off user feedback and research. We also have some back end tools in development for our company Intranet that enable staff members to work more efficiently.

Arbtech's page on Protected Species Surveys

Thanks, Andy! And congratulations again for winning!

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