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We’re happy to be sponsoring ConfConf, a one-day conference on 30 January 2015 focused on helping you create innovative and supportive events in the web industry. This fantastic event is taking place at the Custard Factory on Gibb Street in the centre of Birmingham.

Whether you’re starting up a regular programming meet-up in your town or building a one-day powerhouse of speakers and workshops, you’ll want to know the best ways to improve and exceed the expectations of your web industry event. Whether that’s by finding great sponsors, increasing the diversity of speakers, planning for pitfalls, or setting up the best backstage tech around, ConfConf aims to discuss the big issues of event planning and help you make your events the best they can be, with fresh talent, fresh ideas, and fresh techniques.

ConfConf’s speakers are all experienced in the art of web industry event planning, and want to work with you and your fellow attendees to improve industry events through examining the motivations and contributions of the web community to achieve the common goal of events that are memorable for all the right reasons.

With speakers Simon Collison, Relly Annett-Baker, Greg Annandale, Dan Rubin, Keir Whitaker, and Cat Clark, as well as an open panel discussion on diversity and inclusivity, ConfConf will hopefully inspire you to create amazing events of your own.

ConfConf tickets are now on sale for £125, and include the full-day conference, lunch, and tea breaks. Your ticket also lets you into the fantastic post-conference party at Alfie Birds, where you can get together with your other attendees and maybe start planning new and exciting events for all of us to attend.

We hope you have a great time at ConfConf, and hope to see some great things come from it!

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