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Keeping up with the newest design and development content is time-consuming. But here’s the thing: no matter how busy you are, you should always make time to learn and stay on top on the most recent developments and ideas in your craft.

This is where quality newsletters can help. They’ll make sure you’re on top of must-know industry news, and provide you with a constant stream of hand-picked articles worthy of your attention.

We have selected 18 newsletters devoted to web development, design, and related topics, that not only make for an enjoyable read, but also feature insights, developments and scoops that are worth following.

Web Animation Weekly Newsletter

Web Animation Weekly

If you’re passionate about web animation and motion design, then you might have heard about Rachel Nabors, award-winning cartoonist, an invited expert at the W3C and a Google Developer Expert consulting in the web animation field.

Rachel has built a powerful community around web animation with the Web Animation Weekly newsletter. It’s where she, and professionals alike, share a selection of articles, tutorials, videos, tools and other goodies from the worlds of web animation and motion design.

UX Newsletter

UX Newsletter

Curated by the team at uxdesign.cc, each UX Newsletter includes ten links related to user experience, product design, interaction design and usability. You’ll also find recommended apps, tools and resources for UX designers.

Responsive Design Weekly Newsletter

Responsive Design Weekly

Want to learn about building responsive websites? Then make sure you subscribe to Responsive Design Weekly as it’s filled with great articles, tools, tutorials, inspirational links and interviews with industry leaders.

Frontend Focus Newsletter

Frontend Focus

Frontend scans the web for relevant and useful front-end news, articles, tutorials and even jobs. It promises to deliver the best content that covers HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser tech, and more.

CSS Animation Weekly Newsletter

CSS Animation Weekly

Once a week, CSS Animation Weekly rounds up the latest inspiring animations and demos of how they’re made. It also explores the newest tools for designing animations.

UX Design Weekly Newsletter

UX Design Weekly

UX Design Weekly introduces readers to user experience-related articles that caught the team’s eye over the past week. It covers design techniques and tools, examples, as well as intriguing psychological research and insights. It also features a UX portfolio in each issue for your inspiration.

The Thoughtful Net Newsletter

The Thoughtful Net

The Thoughtful Net collects interesting information about the internet. In other words, it’s a round-up of links to articles that cover the culture, politics, science and sociology of internet.

Web Design Weekly Newsletter

Web Design Weekly

Web Design Weekly’s content is meant to keep web designers posted on recent developments in this fast-paced industry. The content varies with each issue and it includes podcasts, research links, tools, jobs, as well as inspiration and tips from industry leaders.

Panda Weekly Newsletter

Panda Weekly

Panda Weekly is curated by the team at Panda engine, and it promises to deliver “everything important in design and technology” directly into your inbox. In it you’ll find articles, inspiration and product reviews, as well as the latest news about the Panda Network.

kissmyUI Newsletter


Another nice newsletter to subscribe to is kissmyUI where you’ll find lots of news, tutorials, inspiration, plus free guides to further inspire and improve your skills as a UI/UX designer. Plus, it’s run by Marc Andrew, who wrote 10 reasons why you should bring prototyping into your design process and The top 6 prototyping tools for UI and UX designers.

The UI Animation Newsletter

The UI Animation Newsletter

If you want to keep up on the latest resources and information on web animation, UI animation and UX-related topics, make sure to also sign up for the UI Animation Newsletter. Each week you’ll receive a collection of news, articles and tools, plus exclusive advice on how to make web animation work for you.

CSS Weekly Newsletter

CSS Weekly

CSS Weekly has a list of 28,500 subscribers who receive a concise list of useful articles, tutorials, tools and demos, all curated by front-end developer Zoran Jambor. So if you want to stay on top of current methodologies and breakthroughs in CSS, this is a great resource to sign up to.

CSS-Tricks Newsletter


What makes CSS-Tricks different is that it delivers something more than just a bundle of links each week. Each issue is packed with personal stories and thoughts about front-end development and design. It’s a great resource if you want to learn from other people’s mistakes (or successes).

Sidebar Newsletter


Sidebar is great for staying on top of the latest news, trends and resources on UI design, CSS, user research, typography and more. Sign up and you’ll receive five hand-picked design links every day.

Status Code Newsletter

Status Code

Status Code promises to deliver a weekly collection of the latest ideas, releases, trends, events and articles on everything from UNIX to algorithms and protocols. A must-read if you’re looking to fill in the gaps and keep on top of everything important in the industry.

Hacker Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter

The Hacker Newsletter does a great job at hand-picking the best, most relevant pieces from the Hacker News site and delivering it to subscribers directly into their inbox. Sign up and receive a weekly digest with articles on startups, technology, programming and more.

Fullweb Weekly Newsletter

Fullweb Weekly

Fullweb Weekly is dedicated to fullstack developers. Once a week you’ll get five links with resources and tips on web development, backend development, DevOps and automation, and UX.

The Web Designer Newsletter

The Web Designer

The Web Designer is a popular newsletter amongst web designers. That’s because it’s filled with lots of useful resources, demos, guides as well as freebies. Sign up and you’ll soon notice yourself awaiting the newsletter every week. And you won’t be disappointed.


Any other great newsletters that you enjoy reading and would like to recommend? Share them with us in a comment below.

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