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This post is part of our Ampersand series, a set of blog posts focused on fonts. We’re sponsoring and attending Ampersand 2012, a typography conference based in Brighton.

Are you tired of seeing the same fonts everywhere? We’ve put together a list of fresh and attractive fonts you can use for everything from websites to posters. All the fonts below are free; however not all of them can be used commercially, so please check the specific licence requirements before installing and using.


Alex Brush

Gandhi Sans

Great Vibes






Angelic War


Ostrich Sans

Bree Serif

Bleeding Cowboys



Katy Berry

Strawberry Limeade

Contribute Free

Delinquente Demo

Optical Fiber


Fish Bone

Marker Scribbles


VTKS Natural

Throw My Hands Up In The Air Bold

Which are your favourite fonts? Let us know in the comments!

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  • phil


    Hi Jenni,

    Great set of fonts to add to any collection.

    The link for the first Alex Brush is incorrect, you need to remove the .png from the link.

    Thanks for this blog post.



  • 22/05/2012

    Thanks Phil, great spot. I’ve fixed it 🙂

  • K2 Designers


    Love the freebies! Thanks 🙂

  • Chris Hester


    The link to Alex Brush appears to *not* have been changed – I cannot access the font via the link – it still has .png at the end, which Phil says needs to be removed for it to work.

  • 31/05/2012

    Hi Chris, you might need to hit refresh.

  • Chris Hester


    It was the first time I had visited the page. I just tried refresh and it made no difference. Perhaps you are seeing a local version of the page others cannot?

  • 31/05/2012

    Hi Chris, I’d changed the image link but not the text one underneath. Should be fine now, thanks!

  • Chris Hester


    Thanks! I didn’t realise the image was also a link!

  • Gaelle


    some lovely fonts here. only downloaded only a few but they will make a nice addition to my collection. This is a great freebie guys. well done for something cool and useful at the same time 🙂

  • 06/07/2012

    Thanks Gaelle!

  • Rahul


    Thanks Jenni! I really wanted new fonts for my webpage, this place happens to be the ideal I got varietyof font styles! Looking forward to more fonts!

  • Frances


    Thanks for the handwriting fonts – they are my favourite.

    Especially Alex Brush, but also Great Vibes, Qwigly, Ruthie and Contribute Free.

    But I also like Ostrich Sans Bold – its double lines are unusual and striking.


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