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Since joining Pinterest a while back we’ve found amazing images spanning everything from WordPress infographics (created by one of our talented customers, Design By Soap) to origami Yoda. Over 420 pins later, it’s safe to say we’re addicted!

But we’ve noticed there are plenty of people out there scratching their heads and saying, ‘But what IS Pinterest?’ and ‘How can I use Pinterest to get more traffic and business?’ So we’ve found plenty of fantastic articles and resources covering everything you need to know about Pinterest and some of the various ways you can use it to your advantage.

I have no idea what Pinterest is! Help!

What is Pinterest and Why Should Anyone Care?

How to Use Pinterest’s Pinboard for the Web

Pinterest 101: A Tutorial

Pinterest: Everything you Need to Know is in This Massive Post

How can Pinterest help my search engine optimisation efforts?

SEO for Pinterest

7 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your SEO

Use Pinterest to Improve Your SEO

Pinterest SEO

I want to use Pinterest for business, got any advice?

Pinterest Marketing Tips for SEO, Traffic, and Online Reputation Management

How Brands Can Use Pinterest

How and Why to Use Pinterest for Business

Search Engine Optimisation for Pinterest

How Pinterest Is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing

7 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

9 Tips: Boost Your Business with Pinterest

Infographic and Tips on Using Pinterest for Business

10 Tips to Get More Out of Pinterest for Your Business

Four Pinterest Marketing Tips

I’m comfortable with Pinterest, where can I find fresh ideas and insights?

Creative Uses for Pinterest

Pinterest’s Most Popular Categories and Boards

Heart Internet’s Pinterest Tips Board

Top 10 Pinterest Tips

More Pinterest Tips

5 Pinterest Tips to Heighten Your Pinning Addiction

6 Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins Reviewed

Got a Pinterest tip or article to tell us about? Share it in the comments!


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  • Alex Zagoumenov


    Jenni! Thanks a lot for the mention. I’m glad you found my article on Pinterest SEO useful.

  • 28/05/2012

    Thanks Alex, your article is a great read for anyone looking to boost their SEO through social media 🙂

  • Alex Zagoumenov


    Thx a lot, Jenni! I really appreciate that!

  • Ben


    Thanks for your article and all your links 😉 It definitely help me to know more about Pinterest and how it can help to generate more traffic (and SEO of course). What do you think of website such as pinterest-followers.com?

    Do you think it can be a good way to kick-start a new Pinterest account or get more backlinks (via repins)?

    Anyway, keep up the good work 😉


  • 13/07/2012

    Thanks Ben 🙂

    We don’t think it’s a good idea to buy followers as they are all automated accounts with no benefits – a bot can’t repin or link or share so the social value is nothing.



  • Designbysoap


    Woohoo! Thanks for the love guys, glad you like the infographic. We’re very happy to be Heart customer!


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