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Heart Internet is proud to announce the release of our new security product – Website Security powered by Sucuri.

Website Security has a four-step process for protecting your sites:


It removes malware from your website from the minute it appears.


You’ll know about security issues immediately with our regular notifications.


Future hacks and attacks will be stopped with the Web Application Firewall.


The built-in Content Delivery Network will make your site even faster around the world.

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The easiest way to secure your website

Website Security keeps your site safe from online threats and vulnerabilities. It scans your website daily, ensuring you’re notified every time malware attempts to infect your system or when your site has been blocklisted by search engines.

If, at any point, malicious software is found on your site, you’ll be notified right away. Then you just need to log in, submit a removal request, and our expert team is available around the clock to respond to your request. With a maximum response time of 12 hours, they will get to work on removing the malware and restoring your site to safety.

Whether it’s SQL injection, brute force, XSS, or zero-day attacks, our Website Security has you covered.

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Even more protection with our Web Application Firewall and Content Delivery Network

With our Deluxe, Ultimate, and Express packages, you’ll get even more protection with Web Application Firewall (WAF). Our WAF adds an extra layer of protection, blocking DDoS attacks and giving you HTTPS protection between your visitor’s browser and the firewall.

All three packages also come with Sucuri’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). With a CDN, your site is conveniently cached across the world, making it load faster for your visitors. Whether they’re in Siberia or Slough, Canada or Canterbury, they’ll get fast access to your site.

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If you’ve already been hacked, we have you covered

For sites that have already been hacked, we have our Express package. Once you purchase it, we scan your site for malware immediately, notifying you of the problems on your site. Once you raise a removal request, it’ll be answered in 30 minutes, and they’ll work until your site is clean.

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Get multiple sites covered and save

Currently, Website Security is connected to the purchaser’s account, and the Website Security control panel can’t be passed to any other users. A Reseller version is currently being developed, but if you’re happy taking care of your customers’ websites, we have discounted rates for individual packages. Buy three or more and save!

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Protect your site with Website Security


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