WebHosting (cPanel) Product Terms

cPanel. To the extent that you use cPanel, you agree to be bound by the cPanel EULA, which is hereby incorporated by reference.

cPanel Fair Usage Policy: This policy is a guide to understand the intended uses of our Services, and to prevent exploitation and abuse of the unlimited features offered in our plans. VPS and dedicated hosting with cPanel offers unlimited number of accounts. Although we do not wish to set a specific limit, as a guideline, a threshold of 100 accounts will be considered normal, reasonable use. We evaluate your usage in comparison to typical levels of usage engaged in by other users. In the event that you exceed this threshold, Heart Internet may in its sole and absolute discretion, assess additional usage charges for accounts in excess of the threshold or restrict additional accounts from being created. Where possible, Heart Internet will provide a notice of your usage in excess of the normal use.


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