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There are thought to be more than 3.8 million WooCommerce stores on the internet.

In the UK in particular, statistics suggest that it’s one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, with 25% of websites utilising it.

At Heart Internet, we’re such fans of WooCommerce that we have chosen to base our Ecommerce Hosting plans around it.

These plans come with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin auto installed, so you can get to building a WooCommerce store without delay.

They also give you a free domain for the first year and a free SSL certificate for the life of your plan.

However, the big eye-widening perk of Heart Internet’s Ecommerce Hosting is the £4,000 of premium WooCommerce extensions that come included for free with every plan.

That’s 75 different extensions that can be used to tailor your site to your precise requirements.

To give you a flavour of exactly how these extensions can improve your website, we shine the spotlight on 10 of the best below…

10 of the best WooCommerce plugins

  • Cart Add-Ons

This extension allows you to add an upsell section to your checkout page that showcases other products that your customer might like.

The extension also lets you set rules that mean different products are shown depending on what the customer is buying, increasing your chance of a last minute sale.

  • Min/max quantities

As the name suggests, this handy extension lets you show customers minimum and maximum order quantities, per product and per order.

It also lets you stipulate that certain products can only be purchased in certain multiples.

  • Advance notifications

This extension lets you send follow-up emails and tweets to customers after they have interacted with you.

You can follow up with them to say thank you after making a purchase or to ask them to leave a review, for example.

It also comes with the functionality to track open rates, so you can judge the efficacy of the messages you’re sending out.

  • PDF Product Vouchers

PDF Product Vouchers lets you customise and sell downloadable PDF vouchers on your website.

This plugin is ideal for selling gift vouchers that can be used both online and/or in a bricks and mortar store if you have one.

  • Product Add Ons

This extension lets you give customers more options for customising the products they buy from you.

You can display these add ons in multiple ways – from radio buttons to items in a dropdown menu.

The extension allows you to display multiple add ons per product and to showcase both free and paid-for add ons.

For example, let’s say you sell necklaces. You could include a drop-down menu that allows your customers to choose a metal, showing how silver is free but gold costs an extra £10. In the same area, you can allow customers to choose whether they want their necklace gift wrapped.

  • Points and Rewards

You can reward customers for their purchases or other actions, like subscribing or writing a review, with points using this extension.

These points can then be used by customers to get discounts for products – for example 100 points could entitle a buyer to £1 off their next purchase.

  • Product Reviews Pro

Use this extension to add product reviews to your product pages.

These reviews can contain photos and videos as well as words.

  • WooCommerce Bookings

This extension allows your customers to book appointments and classes, make reservations and even rent equipment.

That’s just the start of the story with this one, though.

It also lets you offer special pricing for groups, certain days or certain individuals, set up booking confirmation alerts, stipulate your own cancellation terms, send reminders ahead of the appointment and send emails to no shows.

  • Box office

You can sell tickets for events using this extension.

The extension also allows you to sell multiple ticket types to the same event and offer discounts to certain parties like event sponsors.

  • Subscriptions

This extension lets customers subscribe to your products or services. Its makers suggest you can use it to create product of the month clubs, weekly service subscriptions and yearly billing packages.

On top of this, the plugin allows you to add sign-up fees to subscriptions, offer free trials, and set expiration periods.

The extension also allows you take payments for these subscriptions through 25 different payment gateways.

These are just 10 of more than 70 premium extensions that come free with Heart Internet’s Ecommerce Hosting plans. Discover the other 60 plus on our Ecommerce Hosting pages.





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