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By Kate Bolin

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Hybrid Servers, VPS, Your Business

How to prepare for almost anything (especially if it concerns your server)

If you’re running a small business, you probably don’t want to think about what could go wrong. But when we’re talking about disaster recovery and business continuity, we don’t mean cinematic adventures. We’re talking about the small disasters that can change your business permanently. And how you can prevent these tiny problems from spiralling out into giant disasters.

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By Matthew Telfer

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Dedicated Servers, Hybrid Servers, VPS

Security update for your VPS, Hybrid or dedicated server

Whether you are one of our customers or use another provider, we strongly recommend you follow the steps described below to ensure your VPS, Hybrid Server or dedicated server remains secure. A high-severity vulnerability has recently been discovered in the Linux kernel which potentially allows a local user on the system to gain root access [read more…]

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By Craig Cotter

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Hybrid Servers

Hybrid Servers magazine advert sneak peak

Since their launch a couple of weeks ago our Hybrid Servers are literally flying off the shelves (well, not literally, that would be dangerous and like something out of Ghostbusters), but they are selling rather well. They have tapped in to a demand for a product thats sits between VPS and dedicated servers, offering a [read more…]

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