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Below we’ve listed cropped versions of some of the best infographics we’ve found about hacking and security issues; simply click on the image to see the full version.

Security is an essential part of owning and managing a website, from changing your passwords regularly to keeping your scripts and software up to date. Find out more in our post 10 must read tips for optimal website security.

When Good Websites Go Bad

Find out which countries are the worst for affected websites, the average age of compromised websites and more…

Computer Threats

‘The average cost of a data breach was $6.7 million…’

IT Security

‘Recent high-profile breaches include WordPress (18 million records lost) and Sony Playstation Network (101.6 million records lost)…’

A Short History On Hacking

‘Albert Gonzalez received the largest jail sentence for hacking in US history. He stole 200 million credit and debit card numbers…’

Cost Of Security

‘According to Gartner, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds…’

Hack Attack: All You Need To Know

‘83% of people don’t use a separate email address for online purchases…’

Enterprise Security Software

‘To build a comprehensive security portfolio, cybersecurity staff choose from over 3000 products…’

Are You Practising Safe Coding?

‘While other flaws such as XSS account for a higher volume of findings, SQL injection accounts for for 20% of hacks…’

Social Media Security Basics

‘The more interconnected we get, the more opportunity malware has to pop up…’

Computer Invaders

‘Happy99 was the first email virus. It greeted you with “Happy New Year 1999” and emailed itself to all contacts in your address book…’

Is My Computer Infected?

‘According to a Symantec study, 885 of all emails are unwanted “spam” messages….’

Securing Yourself From A World Of Hackers: How to avoid the most common and dangerous passwords

‘Wherever possible, use at least 14 characters or more…’

Snapshot of Security Concerns In America

‘Concern around Internet security is growing fastest (31.5% increase)…’

Everything You Wanted To Know (And More) About Facebook Security

‘Less than 4% of content shared on Facebook is spam…’

The State of IT Security

Fewer than 1% of breaches are committed by business partners.



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