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There’s a lot of talent in the UK web design industry, and we’ve picked out a selection of some of the best from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Below you’ll find a range of styles ranging from traditional and retro to cartoon animation…but all of the designers have one thing in common; they are extremely skilled in creating powerful visuals and bringing concepts to life. Whether you’re looking to hire a creative or just want to get some inspiration, the sites below are well worth checking out.

Sarah Parmenter – You Know Who

Sarah first appeared on our radar when we heard her open and friendly talk at NACONF 2011. Sarah’s portfolio has a beautiful retro design.

Simon Collison – Colly

Founder of NACONF and all-round talented guy. We like him so much, we’ve interviewed him twice.

Neal Mullen – Ashfall

Scottish designer Neal Mullen has a very fluid and clean style which makes his portfolio immediately engaging.

Chris Spooner – Spoongraphics

Chris doesn’t need an introduction; if you haven’t bookmarked his blog and checked out his work yet, do it!

Orman Clark – OrmanClark.com

Orman’s colourful and creative portfolio design features rockets, space invaders and mountains. Well worth checking out.

Mark Boulton – Mark Boulton Design

Located in south Wales, Mark’s studio offers clean yet colourful designs. His design work is highly regarded within the industry; one of his clients is Drupal.org.

Richard Carpenter – Richard-Carpenter.co.uk

Richard is an expert across a range of styles and formats. We interviewed him last year for his tutorial website, Photoshop Plus.

Aaron Moody – AaronMoody.co.uk

Aaron’s portfolio is extremely well-presented and uses the power of client testimonials well. With strong designs and close attention to detail, Aaron’s style is well suited to current trends.

Wes West – Because We Say So

Wes is a talented designer who specialises in animation, and his lovable cartoon-style images and videos are very different to current mainstream styles.

Steven Hylands – Shylands

Another distinctive designer, Steven is a great example of the web design talent that Northern Ireland has to offer.

David Bushell – DBushell.com

David offers some of the most professional and functional designs we’ve seen. A great choice if you’re after a high-end website for your business.

Tom Bradshaw – Tom Bradshaw Design

Tom’s fantastic cartoon style stands out from the crowd, and his animated videos are definitely worth watching.

Carl Rosekilly – CarlRosekilly.co.uk

With bold, striking designs, Carl’s the guy to hire if you want a website with impact.

Gareth Dickey – GarethDicky.com

Gareth works in a range of different web and print areas, and his designs stand out for being clean and well-presented but featuring unique twists.

Tor Burrows – Notorious Design

Tor specialises in creating video, but there are also web design pieces in her portfolio that are worth checking out.

If you’ve got a favourite UK designer to add to our list, feel free to leave a comment below.


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  • Ian G


    I’m pretty impressed with what we are doing at Kingsland Linassi – We have been nominated for a bunch of awards and such find out if we win another one on Thursday !


  • Dean Rabebtts


    I think Michael Heald is in my opinion the most talented designer i have ever come across. So talented!!

    Is a must to see his work https://www.fullyillustrated.com

  • Neal Mulen


    Wow… thanks for including my site!! Appreciate it !

  • Jonathan Crompton


    We’ve used the guys at boxchilli media on a wide number of projects, from websites to iphone apps, really impressed with them….


  • Moggie


    I’d like to put forward Victoria Wilkshire.

    She’s recently started a freelance web design venture (https://freelancewebsolutions.com/index.php) and I feel her best work, so far, would be: https://www.flatseeker.net/

    Though not always as flashy, or visual, as other designers- her approach is about flexibility and usability. She’s worked on mobile sites, social media profiles and all sorts in the past and it’s quite amazing to see such a multi-talented web designer out there.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in the past and can say only good things. Friendly, approachable, easy to work with and gets the job done without any of the hassle. Must see for all small businesses looking for cost-effective web solutions (social media, websites, mobile sites- just about anything) and for those who need advice.

  • ciara luke


    some really nice work 🙂

  • Aaron Moody


    Wow, I’m honored to have been featured alongside some amazing designers – thanks!

  • Richard Carpenter


    Thanks for featuring me also. much appreciated

  • Dee


    Tom Lane / GingerMonkey is awesome: https://gingermonkeydesign.com/


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