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Dedicated servers – we can all agree it’s not the most rock and roll of topics.

Bring the subject up at the pub to anyone who’s not involved in tech and you might be surrounded by a few extra empty seats by the end of the evening.

Of course, if you’re in the market for a new dedicated server plan, you’ll want to do your research, no matter how dull trawling through all the tech specs out there might be.

If you’re currently at this stage in the process, or about to embark on a dry comparison of plans, take a little break to enjoy this light-hearted list of facts about dedicated servers and the datacentres they call home.


Based on gaming stats from Steam, this is the average number of dedicated servers that are in use during a typical session of the multi-player first person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The number of pieces of toast you could make in a day using the energy required to power a medium-sized dedicated server.

13.4 and 16.8

The number of days an average sized man and an average sized woman respectively could survive on the pieces of toast you could make using the energy a dedicated server uses in a day.

Torre Girona Chapel

Arguably the world’s prettiest setting for a data centre.

This chapel is part of the 19th century estate that was once the summer residence of the Mayor of Barcelona.

It won the official title of ‘Most beautiful data centre in the world’ in 2017, beating the Pyramid Campus in Michigan and Bahnhof Pionen, which is set inside a nuclear bunker in Stockholm.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can book a guided tour, as it’s open to tourists.

4.7 billion

The average number of pounds the world spent on dedicated server hosting every year between 2010 and 2020.


This is the answer to the question ‘do dedicated servers have an SEO advantage compared to shared hosting’.

This was confirmed by Google’s John Mueller in July 2021, in an instalment of the Ask Googlebot series on YouTube.


The tiny number of web servers that existed in the world in 1993.

When you consider that this was the year that the first Jurassic Park movie came out and the Friends pilot was aired on CBS, it doesn’t feel that long ago does it?

Yet look how much the world has moved on since then.


The country with the most dedicated servers housed in datacentres.

Arctic Circle

This could be the location for the world’s largest data centre.

US-Norwegian start-up Kolos has revealed that it intends to build the biggest data centre in the globe in Ballangan in Norway.

According to Kolos it will draw on 1,000MW of power when it’s finished.

Ready to get back to your dedicated server research?

Here’s an at a glance view of Heart internet’s self-managed dedicated servers.

  • Power: plans feature up to 256GB RAM and up to 16 CPUs.
  • Performance: servers come with NVMe SSDs – up to three times faster SATA SSDs.
  • Set up: Linux or Windows, cPanel or no control panel, HDD or SSD
  • Control: bare metal access
  • Prices: from £109.99 a month

Want to know more? Visit our product pages for the full list of features.



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