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The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is live at Heart Internet, meaning you can now get up to 33% off the price of a Web Hosting plan.

All four of our Web Hosting packages are included in the sale, with annual package prices now starting at just £3.99 a month.

That’s less than the cost of many supermarket sandwiches, a barista-quality coffee, and a daily London tube travel card.

So, aside from saving you money, what can Heart Internet’s Web Hosting plans do for you?

Find out more below…

  1. Get just the right amount of resources

Our Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate and Maximum Web Hosting plans come with a wide range of resources.

Our Economy plan is a great option if you want to run a blog or a simple website, while our Maximum plan, which costs £9.99 a month in our sale, comes with the power to run up to 200 websites.

  1. Get a domain name for FREE

All our Web Hosting plans come with a free non-premium domain name for the first year, saving you a little extra money.

To find out more about the power of a domain name, read our recent blog ‘Four ways domains can help you protect your brand identity online’.

  1. Never worry about bandwidth

Every Web Hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, so you can comfortably accommodate your website’s visitors.

  1. Avoid the hassle of site migration

Depending on the plan you choose, between one and five basic migrations are included in the cost, so you can hand over this task to our experts and save yourself some time and effort.

  1. Save time installing web apps

You can install more than 25 apps in a single click with every one of these Web Hosting plans. Top options include WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal and Zen Cart.

  1. Manage your hosting with easy-to-use cPanel

These Web Hosting plans let you manage your hosting admin using cPanel. This control panel comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to carry out tasks like organising web files and creating email accounts in as few steps as possible.

To read a little more about the many benefits of cPanel, read our recent blog ‘5 reasons we love cPanel’.

  1. Your plan can grow with you

If you ever find that you need more resources, cPanel makes it easy to upgrade to the next tier hosting plan with extra memory and other perks.

  1. Get a free SSL certificate with the Ultimate and Maximum plans

Our Ultimate and Maximum plans come with a free SSL certificate for the first year, saving you a minimum of £49.99 a year.

The prices revealed

Below is the full rundown of how we have cut the prices of our Web Hosting plans in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale…

  • Economy plan, was £4.99/mo, now £3.99/mo
  • Deluxe plan, was £6.99/mo, now £4.99/mo
  • Ultimate plan, was £9.99/mo, now £6.99/mo
  • Maximum plan, was £14.99/mo, now £9.99/mo

Ready to find out more? The offer won’t be around forever

As with all good things, our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale must come to an end. This sale will close on 8th December 2022.

To read more about our Web Hosting packages, head to our Web Hosting page.

For Ts and Cs, meanwhile, visit our T&Cs page.


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