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Since the turn of the year we have seen a large increase in traffic to our blog thanks to some useful articles and great interviews. On the flip side, a lot of our newer readers will have missed some really useful information in the earlier articles. As a result, we are going to bring together articles covering similar topics in to a series of ‘blog sneezes’ (click here if you want to find out more about ‘blog sneezes’).  To get the ball rolling here are a collection of online marketing articles we have posted in 2009…

Online marketing

At the start of the year we began with the basics and How to structure your Google AdWords account did exactly as it says on the tin, providing readers with advice on how to set up a successful AdWords account.

How to spend less on Google and earn more demonstrated how more targeted keywords along with bidding on transactional keywords reduced competitor activity (plus bid prices) and increases conversions.

Written to help manage expectations after you set up your AdWords account and once the initial optimisation work has been completed The diminishing returns on your Google AdWords changes was aimed at new account holders who see reduced statistical improvements after making changes to an account.

Think local…act local touched on the subject of local marketing online to reduce costs and increase conversions.

Often over looked to the detriment of an advertiser’s wallet, Increase your ROI with negative keywords explained why negative keywords are so important and how to build your list.

After our own personal experiences of poorly matched “expanded match” keywords the article Are you sure you know where Google is showing your ads highlighted the importance of  tightly constructed keyword list and regularly running search query reports.

Acting as an introduction to the world of blogging setting up your blog and getting people to read it covered each stage of creating a blog from idea through to driving traffic

5 questions to ask a paid search agency/ consultant provides 5 essential questions to ask before you allow a 3rd party to manage your PPC campaigns.

45 search engine pay per click tips is a quick fire list of tips and recommended reading for those looking to dabble in PPC

Written by guest blogger Andy Cocker, local SEO Vs national SEO is our latest online marketing article and demonstrates how a more locally focused campaign can reap rewards.

Top ten 2009

As an extra bonus for those of you who have continued reading, here are the top 10 most viewed posts so far this year (1/1/09 to 31/07/09)…

    New HostPay templates• Top 40 list of lists • 5 great open source graphic and web design alternativesHow to start your own social networkThe rise and rise (and rise) of social networkingHeart Internet teams up with TV presenter Suzi PerryInterview with freelance web designer Evie MiloHow to spend less on Google and earn moreResellers: How to get more customers to renew45 search engine pay per clicks tips


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  • 05/08/2009

    Thanks Matthew, keep up the good work!

  • 15/01/2010

    Build Traffic!

    Here is an old rule! If you want to be really successful in affiliate marketing, you ought to drive traffic to your website. The more visitors to the website, the higher the probability of click through. Many affiliate guides forget to mention that it is always prudent to build traffic first and then consider affiliate marketing. There is no magic potion. If there is no traffic, there are no profits. Don’t worry, if you haven’t got hordes of visitors, even a few visitors will do initially. Once these visitors start trickling down the web drain, you can place banners and advertising in appropriate places to get the results. A good affiliate marketer doesn’t care about the number of clicks but on the average number of clicks per visitor.

    Such techniques, slowly but surely brings success. And with it comes a potential for much higher rewards

  • 21/04/2010

    Great blog Matthew. Advertisers need to target specific niche keywords in order to increase ROI. So long as these keywords are searched on in reasonable numbers, then the advertiser should generate some solid leads.

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    Thank you for this very informative blog about online marketing. It sure helps. It is also good that you have listed the best of your blogs, will check on those.


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