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It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of our new “Premium” HostPay Template, which is available for free to all our Reseller Hosting customers. This sleek new template comes bundled with all the necessary imagery and text placeholders which you can tailor for your own needs. It’s CSS driven so you’ll be able to change the look and feel with minimum effort, plus it’s fully standards compliant and passes the W3C validation test! 🙂 – You will also get the added benefit of rounded corners within Firefox & Safari browsers.

We know creating a HostPay template can be a lengthy process, whether it’s building something yourself or hiring a separate development company. So we wanted to produce a template that we feel can be used almost instantly from the moment it’s installed, allowing you less time to develop and more time to sell!

You’ll find this new template is now available within your Heart Internet customer control panel and can be installed in a matter of clicks!

Check out the screenshots below of the new template.


HostPay is free to all our Reseller Hosting Customers – to view or install the new themes simply;-

1. Login in to your control panel.

2. Visit

3. Select the Theme you wish to have.

4. Click “Save Changes”.

5. Navigate to your HostPay installation to see the new theme.

Please let us know what you think of the new template. 😀



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