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We’ve just launched a big domain name sale at Heart Internet.  

You can now buy a,, or .uk domain name for just £1 for the first year.  

So, in this blog we look at the benefits of buying into the family of .uk domain names. 

7 reasons to choose a .uk family domain name 

1. Show your locality 

A .uk domain name shows your potential customers that your business is either based in the UK or has strong UK ties right from the search engine results pages. 

This is important because research from the domain name registry Nominet suggests that four in five people in the UK have a preference for websites with a .uk domain when searching or buying online. 

2. Build trust 

The businesses of the UK have a great reputation. The World Bank puts the country in eighth place in its Ease of Doing Business Index 

Plus, the UK is known worldwide for its admirable business laws, approach to innovation, and corporate governance structures. So a .uk domain is a good way to indicate to your customers that you’re a creditable company.  

3. Encourages sales 

The .uk family of domains comes with several psychological connotations.  

They subtly suggest that your business can ship within the UK without issues, that your products are made to standards acceptable in the UK, and that you can deal with customer enquiries on UK time.  

The local touch of a .uk domain name also taps into UK consumers’ passion for shopping local – research suggests that more than two thirds of UK shoppers say they’d prefer to buy from local suppliers than faceless multinationals. 

4. Safeguard your brand 

You may own the domain name but that doesn’t always prevent someone independent from your company from registering 

To reduce the risk of a domain name dispute, it’s helpful to buy a collection of domains and direct them all to the same site.  

5. Make your web address more memorable 

Human short-term memory is limited to six to nine items of information at a time. So concise website names are more memorable than long rambling ones.  

At just two characters, .uk lends itself perfectly to snappy web addresses.  

6. Build a bond and inspire action 

The domain is incredibly versatile.  

The mention of the word ‘me’ adds a personal touch to your web address, so it’s ideal for things like online CVs and blogs and for review and opinion websites.  

You can also pair a with a verb like support, watch and alert to turn your web address into a call to action.  

7. Offer something familiar with a .uk 

First registered in 1985, .uk is one of the most established and familiar domains in the world.  

In fact, statistics suggest it’s the seventh most popular on the planet.  

So, there’s something comforting in seeing a .uk address in the search results pages.  

Ready to find your ideal,, or .uk domain name? 

To get your perfect .uk domain name for £1 for the first year, visit our domain name search pages. 

Once you’ve found your ideal domain simply enter the code DOMAIN2021 at the checkout to apply your discount.  

The promotion applies to the first year only and the domain renews at a non-discounted price.  

FAQs about .uk domain name registration 

Do you have to be a UK resident to register a .uk domain? 

No, anyone can register a .uk domain as long as it’s not owned by someone else.  

What’s included when you buy a .uk domain name from Heart Internet? 

All Heart Internet domains come with a control panel (aka a user interface) that allows you to manage all aspects of your domain, from changing nameservers to setting contact details.  

Plus, you can set up automatic renewals, so you don’t run the risk of losing your domain when your contract runs out.  


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