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By Nick Leech

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Your Website

7 ways to make sure your clients never leave

I haven’t always worked at Heart Internet. Before washing up here I spent 12 years running a digital agency based in London.

It was a business I started back in 2000, when ‘digital’ was more frequently associated with ‘watches’ than ‘The Internet’.…

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By Roxana Stingu

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Search Engine Tips, Your Website

Beef up your Magento SEO

As far as e-commerce platforms go, Magento is one of the most popular and search engine-friendly content management systems available. While there are plenty of SEO techniques that can be implemented within Magento, you can also save time and make things even better with the right tools. We’ve found some of the most effective SEO extensions and tools to help get your store’s SEO in shape, helping to increase its visibility in search results and generate more relevant search traffic.

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