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For anybody that’s not entirely sure about what you can do with VPS or what the advantages are, as part of our happy birthday VPS celebrations we decided to take a look at two completely different websites to see how they have used the platform to help their sites perform.

David Bushell ( is a web designer and front-end developer from the north-west of the UK and uses his website as a space for blogging, showcasing the projects he has worked on and reaching out to the design community with valuable information and resources.

No1 Gadget Store is the brainchild of entrepreneurial brothers Stephen and Mark Walder and was created as an online store selling the finest gadgets, technology and gifts from all over the world.

Whilst these two are obviously very different in their overall goals, they have both been able to adjust their VPS to make it work effectively for them, showing the versatility of the platform. It is this versatility and flexibility that makes VPS great for a variety of different websites, as it can be tailored around your site, and not leave you with unwanted resources. Both David and No1 Gadget Store’s Stephen Walder demonstrate how they have used the customisable features to their advantage.

“I can study website performance all the way from server to client. While my work mostly relates to design and user experience, having access to VPS hosting means I can learn more

“We love the way we’re able to adjust the features on an ad-hoc ba

VPS offers a much more powerful alternative to normal shared hosting and whilst David has used the increased power of VPS to learn and create, Stephen has boosted his site’s capability to deal with changing demands. But these are just two ways in which the extra power has been used, what you decide to do with it depends on your site and the scalability lets you choose exactly what you need for your projects.

With, David has been able to manage more projects simultaneously, allowing him the freedom to create more and more new content to engage with his audience.

“Heart Internet VPS has been great because I can run multiple websites from a customised server – and it still has amazing speed!” – David Bushell

No1 Gadget Store on the other hand, had to make sure that their site could handle demanding customers.

“A close friend of mine uses Heart Internet and was able to offer me various accounts through his reseller package. I quickly became familiar with hosted services and knew that for this particular venture we needed a little bit more oomph than shared hosting.”  – Stephen Walder.

Small businesses will appreciate the advantages of being able to change the spec on their servers as they can alter it at any time depneding on what the site needs to deal with. Let’s say for example your site is expecting a particularly busy period; you can change the spec to deal with that and when it’s over, you can knock it back down to save a little bit of cash.

No1 Gadget Store also sees the reliability of their VPS as a great way of installing confidence in their business partners, making it easier to do deals and plan for the future.

“Our developers, located all around the world, often comment on the high speeds of our VPS. It’s a fantastic improvement, speed wise, over the hosted solutions. If you’re keen to improve development workflow then it’s definitely the way forward.” – Stephen Walder.

David meanwhile, says that the performance of his VPS gives him the freedom to concentrate on what he does best.

“The performance of Heart Internet VPS has been excellent. I can enjoy my work without concerning myself with maintenance. The scalability of VPS hosting is perfect for websites that are going to grow over time.” – David Bushell.

Your website may not be at all similar to either of these examples, but the fact that they are so different shows how versatile VPS can be and how the features can be adapted to different types of websites.

To find out more about how and No1 Gadget Store have used VPS to power their websites, you can read our VPS customer case studies. Or, if you have a VPS with us and are interested in participating in a case study, drop us a line at marketing(at) (please note: we cannot guarantee all submissions will be considered).



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