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Black Friday is back – and for 2021, we’ve plummeted the price of our Reseller Hosting plans.

Our Reseller Hosting plans were priced at just over £419 a year.

However, for a limited time only, you can now snap up a package for just £99 for the first year of the plan.

That’s a saving of £320!

In this blog, we’ll look more closely at what you get with a Reseller Hosting plan at Heart Internet and how you could benefit from buying one.

First things first – what is Reseller Hosting?

When you’re a hosting reseller, you buy a range of hosting products – from domain names to dedicated servers – from a larger web hosting company and sell them on to your own clients.

The larger company is responsible for backend tasks such as server security, power, and network availability, so you can focus on other important objectives such as sales and building your brand.

Who is Reseller Hosting for?

Reseller Hosting is perfect for a wide range of people.

Some reseller customers have their own hosting companies and sell on hosting services as hosts in their own right.

Other reseller customers are web designers and developers who sell on web hosting as part of the websites they build for their clients.

Then there are reseller customers who simply need to buy products like domains in bulk, so they choose a Reseller Hosting plan to unlock discounts.

The top 8 benefits of Reseller Hosting at Heart Internet

  1. Discounts on products

You get extra discounts on domains, VPSs, SSLs and servers when you are a reseller customer at Heart Internet. You can save up to £120 per VPS, get up to 20% off SSL certificates, claim 10% off the price of all our dedicated servers, and take advantage of our domain name credits to buy domain names for less – for example, you can save up to £150 when you buy 50 .com domains.

  1. Unlimited resources

Reseller Hosting plans give you unlimited web space, bandwidth and SSD disk storage for your first 250 sites. If you want to control how much each site uses, however, you can set your own limits.

  1. Unlimited websites

As mentioned above, this plan gives you unlimited resources for your first 250 sites. This doesn’t mean you can’t create extra sites, though. The sky is the limit. There’s just a small set fee – as little as 10p per site – for each one you create after your 250th.

  1. Unlimited domain hosting

There’s no cap on how many domains you can host on your Reseller Hosting plan.

  1. Launch a business in minutes

If you decide to use your Reseller Hosting plan to launch your own hosting business, you get all sorts of perks with these Reseller Plans. You get free white labelling, free CRM functionality, free learning resources and free HostPay – an ecommerce payment platform that’s designed to help you sell your web services and manage thousands of accounts at a time, offering everything from prices in multiple currencies to a range of payment methods.

  1. Expert support

Heart Internet is well-known for the quality of the support it offers. Take a look at Trustpilot to see the reviews. If you ever need help with your reseller account, you can reach out to our experts 24/7. Send a ticket any time. Call between 9am and 7pm. Live chat between 9am and 5pm.

  1. Extra seasonal offers

Throughout the year we put on seasonal sales and special offers that are just for resellers, so you can save even more money.

As part of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, for example, we are offering reseller customers up to 50% of our annual SSL certificates.

  1. Superior security

It goes without saying that we take security seriously at Heart Internet. Our engineers monitor our network for threats around the clock and carry out any required patches or updates promptly.

Want to find out more about Reseller Hosting at Heart Internet?

Visit our product pages to read more about what’s included in a Reseller Hosting plan and to learn more about the discounts available on other hosting products.


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