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June’s Website of the Month winner was the inspiring artist Poonac. We caught up with Rob Bacon, the man behind Poonac, to find out how his website was developed and how it has contributed to his success.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and the Poonac website.

The concept of Poonac was born about 2 years ago. Interest from family and friends for the canvases that I had drawn at home was overwhelming and I found myself inundated with requests for canvases that others could put up in their own homes. Eventually, my partner and I decided that we should explore turning my artwork into a business venture. My background is not in art, it is just something that I enjoy doing.

How have you used your website to make yourself stand out from other artists?

One thing I do is to actively encourage fans and customers to send in photos of themselves with their purchases which then get displayed in ‘The Shack’, which is our retail outlet, and on the website. Poonac focusses on a sense of community rather than simply the artwork.

Your site contains sections that describe your philosophy, ethos and story. How do you think this intimate approach has helped you online?

Although the website offers the opportunity to purchase Poonac products, it clearly conveys the message that Poonac stands for, that it is ‘OK to be different’. The message is intended as a positive statement for young people and adults alike that we should follow our dreams even if others do not understand and that we in turn should encourage others to do what they want to do. The products are a tangible expression of the philosophy behind Poonac.

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You worked with Fluid Studios to create your site. Can you describe why you chose them?

We knew that we needed to have a website, not only for selling but for spreading the word and message that Poonac offers. Fluid Studios came with a strong recommendation, however, we researched and met other web designers. For us, Fluid Studios promised the vitality and innovation that we sought. We believe in reviewing all options and checking offers out, Fluid Studios came top of the list for us and have continued providing a great service, we have not been disappointed!

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What was the process of defining the site’s look and feel like?

In our meetings we discussed Poonac and our aspirations for the website. Fluid responded with design options that were inspirational and met our needs. was born!

You take an active approach to engaging with your fans on Facebook and Twitter. How do you think social media has helped the success of your main site?

Social media is paramount in spreading the word. It’s the message of Poonac that people buy into, the purchase of Poonac items are a by-product of that. Our messages always refer people to the main website, and indeed to ‘The Shack’. It’s the short, punchy messages that go out via social media that draw people in to find out more.

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What advice would you give to someone who is looking to use a web design agency for the first time?

Shop around. Meet the agencies and have a list of questions that you want answered. Rate each agency and ask for recommendations. Contact other customers and ask what their experience has been with the agency.

What advice would you give to someone considering running their own business?

For anyone doubting themselves, we say, ‘try it, do it, embrace it…it might just work for you too!’

Why did you choose to host your website with Heart Internet?

Heart Internet came highly recommended by Fluid Stuidos, as they offer a reliable and affordable hosting solution. We have been really pleased with the service. We had a really easy setup and had no issues with the hosting, which is great.

How would you like to see your business develop in the future?

As for the future, there are many opportunities in the pipeline. Poonac’s message is being shared by many and we have been approached by others with exciting propositions. All of this comes from the stability that a great website offers and the power of networking and social media!

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