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Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting customers can now upgrade to a VPS or Hybrid Server with just one click thanks to our brand new and easy to use feature.

Web hosting customers can make the move to our VPS or Hybrid Server platform via the “Upgrade Web Hosting” wizard, and Reseller Pro customers can find the upgrade process in the “Manage Hosting Accounts” section of the Reseller Control Centre. Our migration tool will move over your SSL certificates, email, site data and databases, and DNS (if requested) during the upgrade as well.

When you upgrade to VPS or a Hybrid Server, your existing hosting package won’t be deleted until you tell us to do so, leaving you in full control of the migration process.

The upgrade is a free service for any web hosting or Reseller Pro customer who buys a VPS or Hybrid Server via this upgrade path, making the process as quick and simple as possible.

VPS are perfect for websites that are experiencing growth, need flexibility, or if you’re looking for something more powerful than shared hosting. RAM, CPU and Hard Drive space can all be altered depending on the needs of the website, giving a fully scalable hosting solution for busy and mission-critical websites.

Hybrid Servers contain the perfect mix of virtualisation technology and dedicated resources, offering incredible power, security and stability. With zero I/O share, users of Hybrid Servers can make use of the extra power without being affected by other activity on the server.

Just follow these quick step-by-step guides to complete the upgrade:

Reseller Pro customers

    • Log-in to your Reseller Control Centre.• Click “Manage Hosting Accounts”.• Choose the package you wish to upgrade to a VPS or Hybrid Server.• Click on “VPS” or “Hybrid” underneath the “Upgrade to” column in the table.• Select the specifications you want and order.• Continue to your basket to complete the upgrade.

Web Hosting customers

    • Login to your Heart Internet account.• Click on “Upgrade Web Hosting.”• Choose the package you want to upgrade to a VPS or Hybrid Server.• Click on “VPS” or “Hybrid” underneath the “Upgrade to” column in the table.• Choose your specifications and order.• Follow the order process to the end.

Please note that you must take CPanel as part of the upgrade; Windows packages are not supported as VPS and Hybrid Servers are Linux based. The upgrade is free but you must purchase a VPS or Hybrid Server as part of the upgrade.

Enjoy your new server!



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  • alan Spencer


    good idea

    am still waiting to sell hybrid servers thru hostpay !!!!!!!

    any idea when us resellers will be able to

  • john


    it be good if you can sort this so if a customer got a vps they can add more accounts

    i.e. i have customer with many account and if they have to upgrade to a vps and so on then they are going to need to move all accounts over

  • 01/05/2013

    Hi Alan,

    We have made this change as of last week, so it is now possible to sell Hybrid Servers through HostPay for resellers.



  • 01/05/2013

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your suggestion. We don’t have any plans at present to make these changes.



  • Dave Rowan


    Are you going to roll this out to WINDOWS VPSs as well ?

    Not impressed that you insist on using CPanel when upgrading.

    That’s £7/month extra than using Plesk (£3/month) = £84/year

    So the upgrade is not really free is it ?

    I would pay, say, £50 one-off fee for this, but not £84 every year.

  • 03/05/2013

    Hi Dave,

    We don’t have any plans right now to add Windows VPS as part of the upgrade wizard. This could change if there is enough demand though.

    VPS is a far more technical product than web hosting, and with out a Graphical User Interface (GUI) you need server admin skill levels to use it. By including cPanel as part of the upgrade, more people can take advantage of the power of a VPS and feel comfortable running it thanks to the GUI.

    The upgrade wizard itself is 100% free, we don’t charge any money for this.



  • Simon Templeton


    This is why I love being involved with heart internet, you’ve made it so easy for me to provide hosting to my web design clients, integrating it all with my own website has allowed me to offer a great hosting package on the front end whilst giving my customers the opportunity to take the up sell which is my web design and social media management services, great job guy’s 🙂

  • 16/05/2013

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your kind words.



  • Adam Toon


    Good idea – but disappointed that you have to purchase further hybrid/vps servers to utilise the ‘free’ wizard.

    …I already have a hybrid server and would love to be able to move current clients on the shared platform over to the hybrid with the click of a few buttons (doing this process manually with IMAP email accounts and MySQL databases is quite a tedious process).

  • 10/06/2013

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your comment. This wizard is for upgrading to a VPS or Hybrid Server rather than transferring clients across. If you’re looking for a transfer wizard, you can submit a feedback form to us and we can take a look at this.




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