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Your name means business. And you need an email address that puts emphasis on your name. This is why we’re introducing our new email platform – Business Email.

With Business Email, you get a feature-filled email platform at an affordable price. With your own domain name and an email address attached to that domain, you’re set apart from the competition, building even more trust with your customers. No more obvious free email platforms, no more randomly adding numbers to your name in order to get an address – your email is exactly what you want.

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Our Business Email platform starts with our Essential Mailbox. Giving you 5GB for less than the price of a coffee per month, Essential Business Email comes with a webmail interface that is easy to use on both your mobile and your desktop. Or if you’d like to download your email, POP and IMAP is included as standard.

Professional Business Email is our flagship in our new email packages, with a 25GB mailbox – more than you receive with Google or Microsoft’s email packages. Along with the responsive webmail interface, there’s also a calendar and the ability to store contacts, giving you a full business package in a convenient system. Just log in and go!

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Business Email is hosted on our servers, saving you time and money. We handle the hardware, maintenance, updates, spam blocking, and anti-virus management, meaning you’re not having to constantly work out why your mail server isn’t working. Plus, we have free 24×7 support for your email just in case anything goes wrong. You can also transfer in your existing mailbox by talking to our Customer Services team.

The only thing you need to start using Business Email is your domain name and something to read your emails on. Set up your Business Email and build your business today!


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